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Nanoblock: Lapras & Pikachu

Welcome back nanoblockers!

Here's another nanoblock post, this time featuring Lapras! and a small little side of Pikachu.
I think Lapras is a recent addition to the entire nanoblock collection? I've never seen a Lapras nanoblock before. There are some other new additions too, like the Snorlax, Dragonite, and a Caterpie that comes with a Pokeball.

Needless to say, I went ahead and bought almost the full set. I haven't started on the others yet, so for today it'll just be Lapras.

Lapras is a 2star difficulty, same as the 2star Squirtle or the Pikachu. It is however slightly more complicated, I think due to the fact that there are more pieces. Anyway, let's get a move on!

Once again, Lapras comes in a Ziplock bag, so at any time you wish to stop and take a break, you can just chuck your pieces back into the bag for safekeeping.  It shouldn't take you long to complete Lapras though. Each nanoblock set comes with 3 different bags of blocks, an instruction sheet, and these are packaged into the resealable ziplock bag.

Unlike Squirtle, Lapras comes in two parts, the head and the body, as per the instructions. First we should fix the head up before we move to the body. The instructions let you know how many pieces you need with each step, and I would suggest you take out all the pieces required for easier fixing, rather than having to dig into the bag for the required piece every single time.

It really isn't that complicated, and in just a little while we have Lapras' head all done and waiting to be fixed onto the body!

The body is relatively more complicated as compared to the head, in my opinion. Okay not more complicated in terms of process, but in terms of the amount of pieces.

Tadah! We're all done with body! Now to fix the head and the body together~

I think Lapras is pretty realistic as compared to Squirtle. Here's also the Pikachu I've received as a gift and fixed over the holidays. One irritating thing about Pikachu is that the ears are always dropping off at the slightest touch. The tail as well. Sigh.

I have another 3 nanoblocks to fix up so stay tuned for that! Also, if you do plan on getting a few nanoblocks at one go, and if you are a Kinokuniya member, you really should wait for their sales before buying that many. I saved about the price of a full nanoblock! Still cost me $50 though.. Sigh.

Written by: ninetylives

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