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Catching Up: Reading again, Past series and Favourites for the season…

With the production phase of my final year project having ended, I found myself wondering what was I doing before to pass time. It took me a bit longer than expected to fully get back to my usual routine but I have managed to slowly get back to it. Though I seem to have added more stuff, which makes it slightly harder to keep up with it. 

I get easily tired nowadays; possibly due to the hours spend staying up late for the projects, accumulated exhaustion, the lacking of sleep or what I think could be the most probable reason, my body aging faster than I actually am supposed to. I was thinking of maybe cutting down stuff from my daily routine but instead, I made it more efficient. I have finally reached the point where I am able to watch videos at 4 times the speed. I have never felt so proud of myself. I just recently finished 5 movies in 3 hours. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, The Interview, AnoHana (Live Action), Rent a Cat and Thermae Romae. I really like the cast for AnoHana especially Jintan and Menma, The kids suit especially well. Though the grown up Poppo was not to my liking. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu was sadly, a little over slightly disappointing. The Interview was well, just for kicks and it was slightly below moderately entertaining, Rent a Cat was interesting as I get to see this unique service and Thermae Romae was really entertaining, especially the parts where Lucius gets warped over to Japan. I really like the opera singer. Umm… I strayed off my set topic for quite some time. Let’s finally begin catching up.

First off is, I have started reading again. Well, light novels online though. The actual books that I bought have been picking up dust for quite some time but I’m thinking of lending it to a friend since she finds it to be an interesting read. A Wild Sheep’s Chase by Haruki Murakami. Anyway, what I’ve been reading lately are Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu and THE NEW GATE. 

The cover of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

I really like the storylines for both especially the first one. Another I’m reading as a side is Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? It reminds me of daily logs for like missions in games and also something like Re:Monster with the way it is presented.

Second is watching anime that have been aired already. Adding more titles to my repertoire of anime that I’ve watched. I’ve finished watching Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu quite recently. 

Lunatic Red Eyes or Code Geass...?
Though I expected a more wholesome ending. Like an actual end-of-story ending. The main protagonist reminds me of Fang from Fairy Fencer F due to their laidback personality. Others that I’ve put on hold are Inukami and Rio: Rainbow Gate! The latter for obvious reasons while Inukami was a curiosity and also because watching a certain someone play Sakura Santa on the fox girl route so I was kind of in the mood of something having to do with spirits or the sorts. It has been on my list for quite a while so I decided to let it see the light, occasionally. I’m watching it on long bus rides. But with new opening and ending themes from this season emerging, it’s getting overshadowed.

This brings me to my third topic. My favourites for the season. Some rose to the top quite fast while others took some time to get into. First off is Ajin. I know some of you guys out there probably don’t like it due to changes in the story of any kind and I agree that it would have been better with it but right now, I’m enjoying it quite well as I see not much of a problem in that. 

The story’s still there and the animation looks good.

Another to the best bro list. Is it me or Nagai and Kaito similar to Kaneki and Hide...? 

Next is Boku dake ga Inai Machi. I was confused and hooked by the first episode. So what did I do next? I read the manga till its latest chapter and I can’t wait for more. 

That moment when you know somebody's going to be fuuka'ed. Haha... I'm going to hell...
Partway through the chapters, it gets kind of obvious of who it might be, probably because of the experience gained from watching a lot of anime but it was still nice when it happened as I didn’t expect it to happen at that time. The story really is wonderful as you get to see the protagonist go through various hardships that you can’t help but feel pity and at the same time happy as he is coping with it. I really hope for this series to be a success.

Following that is Dimension W. I really like the context for this one. 


Absolutely Brilliant...
The anime is a lot of fun and the opening and ending theme just adds to the experience.

After that is Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. This light novel adaptation was a chance encounter when I was in the pre-phase of my filming period and I was surprised that I actually really like it. 

The story differs greatly from other “thrust into another world” type stories as in this case, you won’t follow a protagonist that turns strong or OP in a few minutes or have some ability that can blast through any obstacles thrown at them. Not all that friendship power thing as well. The party is actually really weak. Despite it being in that fantasy setting, it’s actually quite realistic. (Pessimist Alert) Each party member has their own flaws and strengths but their flaws make me feel much closer to them than various other protagonists that I’ve seen. Yes, I’m weak and quite a pessimist. Setbacks tend to get me down a lot and I’ve given up on a lot of opportunities before. But change will always come, just not as fast as one would hope for. I guess that part of me connects with the characters a lot and it even breaks me more knowing of what will happen in the future or possibly the next episode. And yes, I pick and watch anime according to my emotions. I tend to prefer those whom I can relate to than those that I can’t, which I’m sure most of us do too. This is why opinions differ.

Back on topic, the final one is Tabi Machi Late Show. I believe Justinn has written about it. The third episode with that bittersweet twist in the end left me with a relapse of a thought I had been through multiple times in my mind. It’s kind of ironic of me. Even though I like to be by myself, I’m scared of being alone. Losing people you’re close to, family or friends is something no one would want. It made me consider, “If I’m scared to lose them, then I shouldn’t make any. That way I won’t feel sad or depressed about it. I would have nothing to lose if there isn't any to begin with.” Haha, loneliness is a poison. But even if you’re scared to make friends, your family is always there for you. We are never alone. Yes… We are NEVER alone *cue alien music* Haha… I had to brighten up the mood a bit. Anyway, you can ignore this person being sad about life and move on with yours. Don't let this dampen your mood. There are fun things to experience out there and even more so with your family and friends. Now let me end this entry so you guys can resume your Otaku lifestyle.

Mate ne~

Written by Zwei


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