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I Wish I Could Play...

Have you had games that you wish you could play but can't? Over the years, I've often wished for a game console or two, so that I would be able to immerse in some of the games which are only made available for consoles. Likewise, I've also wondered why a lot of game developers have chosen not to port their titles over to PC. Frankly, it would be a pity if such games couldn't be enjoyed by more people. Anyway, I'm not out to advocate anything. There's always YouTube to count on for numerous gameplay videos to sort of fill up that emptiness.

1. Ouran High School Host Club (2007, PlayStation 2; 2009, Nintendo DS)
I've loved the anime series, to the point where I actually dedicated a couple of fan-fiction pieces and re-imagined a lot of scenarios. I was pretty clueless towards reverse harem and such back then. I merely thought that a lot of things were over-the-top in the anime, yet for some reason they had continued to entice me throughout the series. I had also followed the manga albeit briefly. When news of the game was first announced, I was instantly drawn yet disappointed at the same time; the game would be PS2-playable (and later on Nintendo DS). Anyway, the objectives of the game were more or less predictable; Haruhi had to pay off her enormous debt and fall in love with someone. Of course, unlike the manga where Tamaki would be the one and only for her, Haruhi could choose from the remaining hosts. My dream pairing would be Haruhi and Kyouya.

2. THE iDOLM@STER series (2007 - 2014, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3)
I've heard about the franchise for a while, partly because a friend or two had played the first instalment and possibly beyond. Again, I could only pray in vain that those games would be available for PC. I fancy games with themes like music, dance, showbiz...the dreams of performing on stage and recording in a studio never fail to strike chords in my heart. Of course, most games if not all almost never place the playable character as an up and rising star. In the case of the Idolmaster franchise, the role of the player is that of a producer for a unit of three idols. I don't wish to nitpick anyway, even though it would be a lot better if the player could actually become a star. There are many gameplay videos being strewn around YouTube. Watching them does provide some consolation.  

3. Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink / Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue (2012 - 2013, PlayStation Portable)
I don't know if it's somewhat out of place for a guy to appreciate reverse harem, but frankly I don't really care, since the addictive elements are just too hard to fight off. I've enjoyed the anime adaptation very much. I love its ending theme song '14 to 1' sung by all the brothers and Juli, the pet squirrel of Ema. Again, a lot of things seem over-the-top but I suppose they are normal in that universe (?). Anyway, the game objectives are typical of any dating simulation game. I've watched a few gameplay clips and was rather impressed with the high level of potential. If I had to pick a pairing, I would go with the eldest brother Masaomi and Ema. Wataru would probably wail buckets at some corner.

Here comes a question that maybe some people might ask: Why not simply get a game console then? Because it isn't that simple. I have to buy a television or a better computer that would be able to support the game console, and maybe revamp my entire room in order to make space for stuff, and blah blah blah. Worse, some games are PS-exclusive, others are Xbox-exclusive...the list never ends. The bottom line is, we need more games to be ported over to PC. Honestly, I find that more convenient.

Do you have a game that you wish you could play?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep

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