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Anime Matsuri 2014: Cosplay

Managed to catch the Anime Matsuri event at Funan last Sunday and yessssss it was awesome! I went there rather early, so there weren't many cosplayers yet, given that there was also the Black Market event at RWS.

Anyhow, there were so many people! Right off the bat when I entered the event space I came across an AU Policeman Aomine and Pilot Kise (KnB)! The photo is a bit sad due to bad lighting but oh well, I'll take what I can get. I also asked to take a photo with them, heheee, but once again the lighting breaks my heart.

So after a couple of minutes of swooning I went off in search of more cosplayers. And here I spotted a titan PJ-ed Marco (SnK) with his super duper adorable Alpaca plushie!

so cute
A turn away was Snow Miku with the trademark leek, and also Komaeda Nagito (DanganRonpa 2). Komaeda was super adorable, but he was the only one I managed to spot cosing from DanganRonpa.

he couldn't find his pocket
There are so many other cosers and I'm going to die if I list them all so I'll just highlight some.

There was a whole group of Free! And it was quite hilarious when Rei strayed from the group and they couldn't find him when I asked for a photo. Also, have you seen anything cuter than these siblings cosing as Naruto and Itachi?

More Free!, this time a Makoto and Nagisa. There was also Tobi and Deidara (Naruto), although they weren't together.

From FairyTail we have the most adorable Wendy, and Gray. I've had the experience where some cosers stop only for the bigger cameras, but I have to really thank this adorable Wendy. She was rushing off, and yet she still stopped and let us snap a photo of her. It was really nice of her. (':

so adorable
aw yiss
From Durarara, we have a superb Celty, and Shizuo, as well Izaya! And then there was Code Geass, more Knb, and I'm going to stop talking and just let you have the pictures.

yass that scythe

the bully and the bullied
genderbent kuroko!

Can you recognize them all? There were wayyy more cosers but I didn't manage to get more photos because I lost them in the crowd or they were too busy. 

Also, I only realised that I managed to get photos of Hana and Baozi, as well as H! They were just wandering around the area (I guess to pick the contestants for the competition), and stopped every now and then for literally anyone who asked for a photo. How nice. I didn't manage to get one of Sakuya though. )':

Hana & Baozi
Right, so then comes the cosplay competition. This one is slightly special, because the contestants are handpicked by the judges themselves! I'll drop a link to the video, and thank you, whoever who took the video.

I had to leave after the competition, but all in all I had a lot of fun. I also spent a lot on merchandise, more than I had actually thought I would spend, but it was worth it! 

I did my part and "Step out of the Otaku Closet" into the bizarre Convention, have you?

Written by: ninetylives

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