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The little neighbourhood where I live has recently experienced a surreal, out-of-this-world phenomenon. One night, a massive glare of light followed by a shattering wave into the ground shook up the park where my house is pretty near to. However, the reality of such has been conveniently forgotten by everybody else, despite the hard presence of a gigantic hole right in the middle of the park. I could never forget what happened. I suppose that I have a somewhat turbulent connection with the unexplained. While certain memories have long become fragmented, the feelings are still strangely intact. Some of which I wish could be wiped out for good.

A middle-aged salaryman and a high-school student were playing an extended game of cat and mouse. Nobody could quite grasp the terrifying, underlying truths that had powered their adrenaline rushes to keep chasing. Whether they saw their own and each other's situations as a blessing or a curse, unfortunately the prevalent forces could no longer be suppressed. Survival had redefined its rules. So had the rest. The game had to be played for as long as it was deemed playable. Gradually shrouded by fear and confusion, disintegration came paving its way through the society.

I know both of them, though not much on a personal level. I used to see the salaryman during his regular walks with his pet dog Hanako. The man's name is Inuyashiki Ichirou, and he was already 58 when I first saw him. Inuyashiki looks every bit like the socially awkward person, all timid and reserved. His unappreciative and unloving family makes everyday communication difficult, and it could be somewhat due to the fact that Inuyashiki married late. His daughter is in high school, and his son is in middle school. His wife works part-time at the supermarket where I used to patronise. Basically, the entire family is much on the verge of crumbling.

On the other side, there is Shishigami Hiro. Behind his seemingly composed and friendly personality lies the face of Death. While his life before that fateful incident remains largely unknown, his newfound abilities since then have become a national threat. Hiro has a childhood friend and classmate Andou Naoyuki, who is a frequent target for bullies. Naoyuki becomes fearful after learning what Hiro has actually turned into. Meanwhile, the community is facing a series of bizarre, frightening events including grisly murders, awful pranks and accidents. There is also information of terminally-ill patients miraculously recovering from their conditions overnight.

I suppose that the world we live in isn't a stranger to the unexplained. Worse, even in the midst of chaos and such, new wars keep raging from all corners. Inuyashiki has realised a newfound purpose despite he is no longer the living. He has the assistance of Naoyuki after the latter had stumbled upon those hospital miracles. Both are determined to nail down Hiro who is at large and just as invincible. I wonder when would all this madness end?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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