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A Letter To Mikorin

Dear Mikorin,

Ogenki desu ka? I know that you aren't too fond of your nickname, but I'm sure others around you find it cute and convenient. For a tsundere, you sure love digging your own grave from time to time. Yet the consequences seem to have a magical effect on others, hence you are still quite the sought-after guy in school. It amazes me that with all the training you had from playing love simulation games, it just takes seconds to completely reverse the process. Don't worry, Nozaki-kun seems contented with what you are at the moment. For Mamiko's sake, please continue to be the pillar of strength.

If Sakura hadn't set her eyes on Nozaki-kun already, I'm sure that you would stand a good chance with her. Honestly, Nozaki-kun is too tall for the average high school girl. Besides, Sakura is awfully petite! Have you seen the photograph which Hori-senpai had helped to take? If only you were there, the chemistry between faux Mamiko and faux Suzuki would be just right. Anyway, Hori-senpai wasn't bad as a stand-in. Even though you act aloof and such, you secretly crave for Sakura's attention don't you? I remember when you were taking a break in between posing for the Art Club members, Sakura decided to treat you to a can of juice. Even though she was only away for a while, you still barged out of the room whining about your loneliness.

While I don't doubt your friendship with Kashima, I'm rather amused by the somewhat convenient transition from the supposed rivalry during your first year. Nonetheless, it is always great to be surrounded by friends and classmates. Hmm...well, for Kashima just make sure your future love interest doesn't get 'stolen' by her! I can understand why Hori-senpai wouldn't want to invite Kashima to his wedding next time. If only you didn't chicken out on the mixer which your friends had asked you along, they wouldn't have ended up in such a pathetic state. Oh well, you could just ask Nozaki-kun and Sakura along for the next one.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten to applaud your drawing skills. Those roses blend in so perfectly with your hair...I mean, the romance between Mamiko and Suzuki. Even though there are times when I think that those roses are a little overkilling, they are still a pleasure to look at. That said, however, I really sympathise with your dog. Not that I could do a much better job or anything. Don't mind! Memory can be a fuzzy thing at times.

I would like an autograph from you someday. Now, don't act so surprised. Seriously, I wouldn't mind joining your fan club if there is one. Nozaki-kun is a little taciturn to my liking even though I have a lot of admiration for his talent. It would be nice to be your friend, I believe. I'm not as threatening (?) as Kashima for starters. I can't draw to save my life. My academics are nothing to boast about. Well, I might be able to dive from that springboard. Want to do the test of courage together? Oh, I suck at games generally. What was that game you played at Nozaki-kun's? Princess something? It would be a lot of fun attempting to destroy every possible relationship in that game. You see, I find Nozaki-kun's initial way of playing rather refreshing. Anyway, you could teach me how to play it. I mean, you have certainly come a long way!

Get a grip. Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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