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Figure Unboxing and Review: 1/8 Scale Kirisaki Chitoge (Alter)

To All,

For today, I'll be bringing you another figure review, Nisekoi's Kirisaki Chitoge's 1/8 Scale from Alter. For starters, let's have an overview of this wonderful figure!

Box 9/10
I love clear boxes because they allow me to see the entire figure inside the box itself. This is an important feature for me because I might be too busy to un-box the figure directly after receiving it sometimes, and leave it in the box up to several weeks. It'll be such a shame to keep the figure from view during that period.

Even the back of the box is clear, how lovely! Even though she's still encased in her box, we can enjoy how intricate Chitoge's lovely sculpted hair is already!

The sides of Chitoge's box are really splashes of colors based on pink and blue. Red and blue are actually the two main colors I usually visualize Chitoge in, thus I'm glad Alter kept her in a similar color palette!

Base 7/10 
I'm not certain if the light took away any of the details of this base so allow me to summarise what it has. In the middle of the base, it reads "NISEKOI" in colorful print. Above the word is the lock, again in the same colorful font. Under the word, we have a silver key and the name of the first name and given name of the character "Kirisaki" and "Chitoge" on either side of the key, again in silver font.

In all, it's a rather simple design that doesn't divert attention away from the figure itself, but I could certainly see how Alter could have done better with her base. Even though Alter did a good job with the main base itself, they probably could have done much better at camouflaging the metal rod stand holding Chitoge up in the air.

Honestly. I'm pretty surprised at the lack of protests regarding the metal rod since there were a lot of complaints regarding that for Yato's scale figure (Noragami) from MegaHouse and the upcoming Orihara Izaya Psychedelic Version (Durarara!!) from Alter. Personally, I don't actually mind the metal stand much, partially because most of it is covered by Chitoge's body anyway.

If there's something I'm concerned about, it would be how the stand merely enters into a portion of her cardigan, leaving the rest of the figure unsupported. I'm afraid she might start leaning in the future!

Posing and Assembly 7/10

Chitoge's pose is really dynamic, in a subtle way. From first glance, she's simply jumping in the air, but the details of the flow and movement in her hair and clothes make her pose seem so much more dynamic than it really is. Her accessories also serve to bring her outfit together nicely!

For assembly, it's just as simple as putting her figure on the base. As for how the base is connected, here's the instruction sheet. The picture here really tells a thousand words. Let's hope that everyone who owns this figure is well-versed with interpreting pictures. I'm... not.

Painting and Sculpting 9/10

I would have said that I expected this much since it's Alter, but we will still have to credit Alter with regards to how well this Chitoge was sculpted and not brush it off due to branding!

From the front we can already view how intricate her sculpting is.

The creases of her tank-top is spot-on. The flash of her abdomen area from where her top is raised adds to the authenticity of her pose. I'm really glad Chitoge's tummy isn't completely flat. In this way, it neither makes her look too fat nor too slim!

The way her green stockings bunch up at the back of her knee adds to the realism. I'm elated that they did not just give her plain green stockings. The same goes for her shoes! The pattern on her shoes make a better addition to the figure. I'm impressed that they took that one additional step to further add in that instead of leaving it as a plain single-colored footwear (which, honestly, would have worked well too).

Also, I would like to point out the accessories she comes with! I like the addition of her wristbands, belts and the earring. They are a nice touch to this already glorious figure! Personally, I love how the earring is swinging from her motion, I'm glad that such a simple detail wasn't forgotten! Imagine how weird it would be if her earring remained static in this figure...

And trust me, even from the back, this figure looks impressive!

Look at that hair!

Each strand is so carefully sculpted! If you thought her Nendoroid was detailed, you need to look at this figure. It totally puts the details in her Nendoroid to shame! (Just a thumbs up that I would be reviewing her Nendoroid later in the week as well, so stay tuned!)

Even the way her cardigain is lifted at the back due to her jump is realistic. Each and every one of those carefully-sculpted creases in the fabric make it look so lightweight and soft to the touch, instead of the heavy and dull PVC it really is.

I'm not entirely sure if it's visible from this picture, but trust me when I say this, Each of her nails are colored with a light shade of pink! I know that it isn't rare for scale figures to have details at their nails nowadays, but it's always nice to point it out.

Can you imagine if she didn't come with these painted nails? Can you imagine the disappointment that though everything else is well done, the small detail of nails was left out? So yes, I might be over-reacting but I am indeed glad she comes with nails.

Oh, and did I mention how much I like the pastel colors on this figure? They help to create this gentle ambiance which aids in lifting this figure's beauty to higher levels. I'm in awe every time I look at her!

The only drawback of this figure I could find was: The tips of her hair isn't pink!

Sadly, her official illustration that this scale figure was based off of had the pink ends. I wonder why Alter decided to leave that out, but this figure is simply too amazing for me to let such a detail bother me... too much.

Enjoyment 9/10

Generally, I would recommend this to all Nisekoi and Chitoge fans if you do collect figures, or intend to. You can even make her into your first figure, she's definitely worth it! Also, if you just want to collect bishoujo figures, this is definitely a must-have in your collection!

Now I only hope for an Onodera figure by Alter as well. Hopefully she'll be on par with this Chitoge, if not better.

Also, stay tuned for reviews of Nendoroid Kirisaki Chitoge and Nendoroid Onodera Kosaki!

From Your Fellow Collector,

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