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A Letter To Yumeno-sensei

Dear Yumeno-sensei,

Ogenki desuka? It's taken me a lot of procrastination to finally get down and dedicate this letter to you. I've been following your amazingly brilliant manga 'Let's Have A Romance!' since its highly anticipated debut in the magazine 'Monthly Girls' Romance'. Mamiko and Suzuki-kun are so much in love with each other. I really like the spread of delicate details that you put in both characters. Very often, I would easily lose myself in their world while flipping those pages. The little bicycle episode between them is just romantic! That reminds me, some time ago while walking home from school, I passed by this odd couple that had been cycling rather aggressively along the street. I'm not quite the fitness fanatic, but perhaps they were trying out some fancy bicycle routine to help burn the extra calories or something. Both of them looked so dead serious! Anyway, do you like cycling?

A few friends and I have dreams of becoming comic artists, but we have also come to terms with our lack of flair. Was it your childhood dream to draw manga and make a living out of it? Were you ever rejected by any publisher? A classmate used to tell me this story of her neighbour who would submit a ton of manuscripts faithfully to different publishers, yet so far none of her work has been given the nod of approval. To hone her craft and make ends meet, she is currently an assistant to Aito Yuuki, the mangaka of 'Hajiratte Cafe Latte'. I wonder if you guys are acquainted?

Recently, a friend of mine has been feeling out of sorts but he refuses to tell me what happened when probed. In addition, he frequently suffers from bruises and black eyes during basketball club practices. As a spectator, unfortunately I'm not quite spared either. There is this particular crazy girl from second year who regularly joins the basketball team in their sessions even though she isn't a member. Nobody knows why she invites herself to specifically torture my friend. Some of us have long suspected that she might be having a crush on our friend. Of course, our friend has remained oblivious to such things. He simply thinks that the crazy girl just finds pleasure in torturing him. Oh, and he scared us by saying that he wanted an X-Acto knife! Gosh, why does he even need an X-Acto knife? He isn't the artsy type to begin with! Well, maybe deep inside he has always wanted to dabble in the arts. Perhaps you could offer some word of encouragement to him, friend is called Wakamatsu Hirotaka. you think it would be better to refrain him from getting the knife? A friend just told me that Wakamatsu might be using it 'differently'...

Anyway, pardon the digression. I'm wondering if it would be possible to request an autograph from you? I've heard that someone in our school's Art Club had the honour of meeting you and getting your autograph. I understand that you are extremely busy, so I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed. 

Thank you for your time. I hope that I would be able to meet you in person someday. Until then. Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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