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A Cardio-friendly Songlist

If anybody has barely begun their cardio routine in an effort to perhaps make life a little more productive, may I suggest a little songlist to complement the somewhat highly unmotivating task. Yeah, the jukebox is up and running a little steadier, after a turbulent situation which I still have no complete idea what it was triggered by. However, let me remind all that this songlist hasn't been widely tested by runners and people who think that they are running but are in fact wobbling along the tracks on a particularly uneventful day. They are anime songs, catered to different stages of your cardio session.

For dashers, I recommend the opening theme song from the anime Bakuon!, titled Feel x Alive, by Sasaki Sayaka. While keeping up with a blaring motorcycle is technically not quite possible (if it is please ignore this little statement), the rhythm entices speed enthusiasts to charge forward under the freaking hot sun (while trying not to collapse under the freaking hot sun). I would so loop this while riding a bicycle (sorry I don't have a biker's licence) in the middle of the park. Well, the first thing that I would have to do is to actually invest in a decent bicycle. My last bicycle died ages ago, and since then I would only cycle very rarely at East Coast Park. In the first place, getting to East Coast Park is already a chore. Anyway, it is an awesome track!

Another great song to run alongside comes from the duo petit milady, Seishun wa Tabemono desu. It is the opening theme song of Pan de Peace!, which is all about bread, bread and more bread. No worries though, as this song doesn't quite lead you to the nearby bakery. If it does however, simply think of it as replenishing nourishment or getting next morning's breakfast for yourself and the rest of the family. Or you could pretend to run and secretly make a detour where a bakery beckons. Bread is largely delicious, and should be warmly embraced. Okay, this isn't really about bread, is it?  

A third suggestion to add to your cardio playlist is COOLEST by CustomiZ. It is the opening theme song of Sakamoto desu ga?, and a fun tune to tap your feet to. The image of Sakamoto has long become necessary to quietly acknowledge as a part of anybody's mind. I just find the coordination oddly hilarious, yet the repetition of such isn't too bad. Sakamoto certainly knows that he is the centre of attention, and we also know that it is just too hard to ignore that centre of attention. But there is still a line somewhere which anybody could step behind if they knew just how to find it. By the way, I'm still tickled by his antics in the first episode.

Well, working out to music isn't so bad. Just remember to be cautious though. The last thing anybody wants is to fall into a drain while keeping up with the sprinting momentum.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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