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Singing Voice Actors

I wish voice actors could achieve nearly the same level of impact as their singing counterparts (idols, bands, groups, solo vocalists blah blah blah) whenever they produce character songs or perform theme songs for various anime series. While many voice actors do give back to their fans through live events, radio shows, concerts and such, in my opinion the effect that comes out of those wonderfully presented performances still somewhat pales considerably. Could it be that the industry merely sees voice actors as sole providers for character voices and not competent singers? Frankly, a lot of voice actors are just as brilliant when it comes to musical talent. This article will attempt to dig out a portion of those voice actors who have continuously added so much fun and joy in our lives with their songs.

Recently, I've been listening to quite many songs that are performed by voice actors. Before that, it was just a small handful. I suppose there are things that will sneakily grow on people over time. It also helps tremendously that I've been watching anime rather regularly. When love escalates, there is no way to stop. Unless you fancy the idea of sleeping on a hospital bed with bandages all over your body. Ouch. Anyway, let's move on to the first voice actor in my list for today. 

Question: Is there anybody out there who doesn't watch Free! and its sequel Eternal Summer? It's perfectly fine if you don't, because it's never too late to get acquainted with awesomeness. My most favourite character has to be Hazuki Nagisa. Some people might find Nagisa quite overwhelming (and irritating), but I certainly wouldn't mind hanging out with him and becoming his friend. Nagisa is extremely loyal to his friends and unafraid to move forward with gut feelings and such. Given his short and cute stature, I suppose it really helps to engage an extremely boyish and timeless voice for Nagisa. That voice belongs to Yonaga Tsubasa. Oh, and his voice for Nagisa is totally infectious. It also complements Rei's voice perfectly. Incidentally, both characters are classmates and supposedly (?) close friends, thanks to Nagisa's general persistence towards Rei. By the way, Rei's voice is provided by Hirakawa Daisuke who also has a good singing voice.  

'Character Song Duet Series 002' features two duets and a mini drama by Nagisa and Rei's voice actors. The first track titled 'Summer High Tension' is already bursting with high energy and mutual chemistry between both characters. The song opens with Nagisa calling out "Rei-chan! Kocchi, kocchi!" (Rei-chan! Over here!) and inviting Rei to play in the water. There is some light-hearted banter between them before Nagisa sings the first line. Besides the theme of summer, the lyrics depict the indulgence in the water and the excitement of swimming with best friends. Nagisa and Rei are truly appreciative of each other. It's definitely an ideal song to loop during bus rides and such.

The second track makes a nice contrast to the first. 'Natsu no Owari no Yuumagure' (Evening Twilight of Summer's End) reminisces the beginning of Nagisa and Rei's friendship and their fond memories on their way home after swimming. There is also a brief banter between them towards the end. Really cute!

Now that Eternal Summer has officially premiered, I can't wait to find out what character songs are in line for this season! Anybody here is just as excited? Hopefully there will be duets again between Nagisa and Rei. Their voices really complement each other beautifully.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪         

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