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Yuumi - Alien Hunter

Name : Yuumi (Alien Hunter)
Height : 168cm
Weight : 50kg
Vital Stats : 34C-24-36
Birthday : 25 September 1988
Creator : Max Wong
Yuumi which stands for courage(Yuu) and beauty(Mi) is an Alien Hunter who thrives deep in the Amazon rainforest. Caught in a cross fire between a New-Born Alien and a Predator many years ago, Yuumi’s left eye was scarred and blinded by sulphuric acid sprayed from the alien. Incidentally, this works to her advantage as she shoots even better with a single eye. Armed with a few high-tech weaponry comprising of her Bow-and-Arrows, smart watch and survival knife, she is more determined than ever to protect Earth by wiping out the aliens.
The symbol on Yuumi’s forehead was a result of a scar; a “friendship” forged between a Predator and her. The Predator torched her forehead in what is to become her name “”. That was a symbolic sign that signified friendship - “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” (The Predator and Alien being sworn enemies). 

Yuumi's Dri-fit polyester/lycra suit enables her to move fast and wick perspiration off her body. It bears her second name which is similar to the hiragana word “

Inspired by the movie : Predators (left) vs Alien (right)

Years of physical training helped shape Yuumi’s physique to a point where she can do 20 single-hand pushups, bench press a maximum of 45kg and run 2.4km in 10:30min with full gears.

Yuumi uses a few high-tech weaponry such as:
The Hawkeye smart watch incorporates advanced Octa Core 128-bit Alphapheonix processor for super fast multi-tasking processing. It has a 2 inch touch screen functionality which toggles between different applications. The smart watch is able to track the exact location of Aliens using the radar and infra-red sensor technology. It can also calculates the number of arrows remaining via the movement sensor of the pull-and-release motion. This information comes in handy without Yuumi having to reach out behind to feel the arrows.
Made of solid reinforced titanium, the Stingray Crossbow packs a deadly punch to a maximum distance of 600m. As accuracy diminishes from 300m onwards due to flight projectory, it uses smart auto laser calibration which illuminates 85 milliwatts (650nm) laser on the target from 301m to 600m. Thus, even when the bow and arrow is pointing up, the arrow “locks on” to the target where the laser diode is pointed at.
Yuumi uses the finest survival knife as she is dealing with monsters which is out of this world. The Rambo III knife is made of 440C stainless steel and measures 11 inch with 7 sawteeth which cuts through wire mesh. Yuumi uses this knife to clear dense forest trails, cut woods for fire and of course, Aliens’ throats.

Written by Max

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