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Fantasy World - Magic or Machines

Between the red or blue pill, which would you pick?

Hot or cold?

How about coffee or tea? Let me change for the others who don’t drink either, carbonated or just plain water?

Let's raise it up a notch. Family or friends?

The next level, your life or your pride?

And let's bring it back to the basics, heads or tails?

When posed these questions, how many of you choose quickly? I guess you guys belong to the determined. How about the others who took a longer time to decide? And for the others who said both, you guys are indecisive.

I belong to the slower group as I would question myself of my decision. How does it affect me? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? I will always have second thoughts when making decisions as I fear the consequences. Basically, I won’t fall under the hero category with their undaunted resolve, but I’ll still aspire to be one. Choosing between the various choices we face each day (except for the latter two, excluding the heads and tails) is something we have come to adapt quickly as it has been familiarise into our daily lives. So then I’ll pose this question to you guys, the Otakus or maybe even to anyone in general. What will you fantasy world be? Will it be Magic or Science? The question is actually really vague as there are worlds where magic and science come together, so I’ll change it to Magic or Machines.

This question is a tough one to decide as I’ll imagine on what I can do with either. There will be others who, in a heartbeat, make their choice, which I envy you for that. 

I really do feel like those wimpy protagonists who are unsure of what to choose. Kill me already. But yeah… This question can be interpreted to various story’s concept of magic and machines. For magic, 

there’s Magi with rukh, which is similar to mana, 

there’s the concept of equivalent exchange from FMA, 

the concept of god’s blessing and miracles and more. For machines, 

there’s IS with their mechs, 

there’s Gundam with, well, their gundams, 

there’s also time travelling using time machines. This makes it hard to interpret and decide what am I pitting against what. But in the end both magic and machines are created with an expected result just like their counterparts. For example, you can create a magic scroll to fly and so can be done with machines where you can build a plane or a jetpack. So it isn’t about the result but more of the journey. It’s not about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb. As you can see, I’m jumping into this without researching, as there are so many worlds out there with their own concept of magic and machines, which will take me days to write about so I’ll leave it universal where any concept is applicable.

For me, I’m not particularly sure on which one I would like to live in as I do like having to press something and activate the machine and I also do like making a chantless incantation to activate a magic spell. 

But at the moment, I would say I would like to live in a world of machines. Well, a man do love his mechas.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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