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The iPhone X Mini Theatre

Everything started unexpectedly on a very, very, very early morning...technically, it was closer to midnight than dawn. However, something still happened somewhere, and it began with a heated argument. Kind of.

Come on, *****! Pick up your **** ******* phone! You are only pretending to sleep, so quit ignoring me! Who the **** do you think you are, huh! You aren't some royal ****, so listen up...get your own ****** **** phone!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeh! But I don't want to go out! Going out makes me tired and sleepy! Besides, my dainty feet will grow blisters if I have to queue for more than a minute. Aren't you my big, strong man? Go get it for me, won't you? I mean, you dig that stuff, right?

Boy: So, this is it?
Girl: Yeah, my girlfriends said so. I am not very sure myself though...
Boy: Well, should I open it?
Girl: I could if you want. After all, I am the one who brought you into this...
Boy: Don't be silly! I mean, this isn't going to go off or anything, right?
Girl: At the count of three?
Boy: Okay, one...
Girl: Two...
Boy: And...

So I was shopping for groceries at the supermarket after school, and out of nowhere this suspicious-looking man appeared with a black envelope that had no label whatsoever. He quickly thrusted it into my hands and disappeared into the crowd! I thought it might be poison, so I promptly disposed it into the bin. My classmate said I should have had opened the envelope though...a love letter, perhaps? But why would anybody seal up a love letter in black? Anyway, more rice?

Oooooh...what is this? I feel as if I had just taken a trip to the unknown! I can't quite describe this sensation...somebody help? Gosh, I wish I could tell the rest how this feels...hmm, such a delicate beauty! What are the odds of having eyes this sparkly all of a sudden? I feel like an anime character...hold it, I am an anime character! Are you sure I can use this?

Boy: Dad says he is buying me a mobile phone...
Girl: Ah, so our crazy, little plaything has finally driven him nuts?
Boy: I believe so. Is your mum taking you shopping?
Girl: Yeah, I saw her slotting in my Dad's credit card.
Boy: Who says hard work doesn't pay off?
Girl: Who says.

The new iPhone X. Well, it won't remain new forever...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪


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