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One Last Trip to Funan Digitalife Mall

I made one final trip down to Funan Digitalife Mall a week before it closed its doors for the last time over a month ago. It was mostly for the discounted anime merchandise across several stores, but also served as a trip down memory lane. 

I've been meaning to pay the mall a visit and the closing down sales provided the perfect reason for me to stop procrastinating. For better or worse, it also happened to be when I caved in and started collecting anime figures.

Like most gamers and anime fans, I spent most of my time on the fifth floor whenever I happened to be in the mall. Be it shopping for a new gaming peripheral, trading blows (or just cards) in whatever TCG was popular at the time or simply ogling at the myriad of figurines on display, every other level just seemed to pale in comparison. 

Heck, there was even a store which sold military-grade equipment and another that specialised in board games and tabletop games on that very same floor. Talk about catering to a niche crowd.

At the time, I was essentially enthralled by any and every figurine on sale, considering I only had a single Tojo Nozomi nendoroid at home. I ended up spending hours trawling through La Tendo, Ani Nation and Battle Bunker, even arriving before the shutters were raised, wrongly and perhaps even stupidly anticipating that there would be a huge crowd later on.

These are just some of the more exclusive figures and great bargains I found then. Although the discounts and some of the figures aren't available anymore, this was one of the rare times where I literally shopped till I dropped.

The King of Heroes had a price tag that befit his status and this was one nendoroid that I would be better off looking for in Japan. A nice find but buying it meant that I did not have to eat for the rest of the month.

Of course Takanori-san would have his own nendoroid. I'm surprised that hasn't been snapped up by collectors or fans of the artiste yet.

Same story, different nendoroid. You had better watch out, not cry and not pout if Light Yagami really was Santa Claus.

Poor Shirou. As if being killed off hundreds of times in Fate/Stay Night isn't enough, he's now resigned to being the cheapest nendoroid in the store. Looks like the shop owners can't wait to get rid of him too.

One for the Digimon fans out there. This was probably the best S.H.Figuarts figure I saw that day.

I wonder which Marika fan got his/her hands on this, considering it was the last one available that day.

At one point, I even began snapping photos of Gundam model kits. To say that I was excessively taking photos would be an understatement.

I'm no One Piece expert but I believe the price and surprisingly detailed sculpting was why my friend kept exclaiming that this was the best purchase he made that day.

What started out as a joke to collect all the Saber nendoroids to troll my Saber-obsessed friend eventually turned into a little challenge of my own. I'll be reviewing all ten Saber nendoroids in the near future so do keep a lookout for them!

Written by ET

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