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Denkigai no Honya-san

October unleashes a brand new wave of anime which hopefully could relieve some if not all of my withdrawal symptoms. First in line is 'Denkigai no Honya-san', adapted from the manga of the same name created by Mizu Asato. The first episode officially premiered on October 2nd (Tokyo MX). I consider myself quite a book(store) fan, hence I wasted no time in sampling its debut! Oh, the title translates to 'The Bookstore in Electric Town' in English. Now, let's get those introductions rolling!

The first episode opens with a cute and ticklish commercial song promoting the bookstore 'Uma no Hone' which means 'The Horse's Bone'. Naturally, 'Uma no Hone' serves as the main backdrop where the daily lives of its employees are portrayed. 'Uma no Hone' is a parody of a real-life bookstore named 'Tora no Ana' (The Tiger's Lair) which is headquartered in Akihabara. The employees are bursting with idiosyncrasies. Let's meet them one by one! Hajimemashite!

This is Umio, the main protagonist of the series. Umio wears glasses and has black hair. As he is still a newbie, Umio is the only employee who doesn't go by a nickname. He works part-time at 'Uma no Hone' after school. His talent is manga drawing, which comes in handy in the later parts of the series.

Meet Hiotan, who often works alongside Umio and is usually the butt of Kantoku's teasing, due to her klutzy and innocent personality. Hiotan isn't too knowledgeable about manga and such, in particular the ecchi stuff. Hence, she gets easily embarrassed. Hiotan has long, chestnut-coloured hair.

Kantoku (Director) is nicknamed so because of his love for filming. His actual position in 'Uma no Hone' is unclear, although he can be seen supervising other employees. Kantoku has the most experience out of all the employees in the store. Kantoku once dreamt of becoming a film director. He has brown hair, and an entire video collection of Hiotan's various facial expressions.

Enter Sensei, the cool, bespectacled employee who also happens to be a doujin artist by the name of Jonatarou, whose work Umio has much admiration and respect for. Sensei aspires to be a fully professional mangaka someday. She is often on the verge of missing the deadlines for her manuscript submissions, which adds on to her tiredness while working at the store. Sensei has long, black hair.

Sommelier is a man of few words, but his knowledge of books surpasses the average person's to the point where he is able to match readers to their ideal manga just by looking at their faces. 'Uma no Hone' regularly organises 'Somme-Con' which sees huge turnouts from customers. Ironically, Sommelier's eyes are covered by his long fringe.

Fu Girl is simply a wordplay on 'fujoshi' (rotten girl) yet interestingly her major obsession seems to be with zombies instead. Other employees have been mistaken by her for zombies, resulting in comically violent situations. Despite her petite size, Fu Girl is actually a freshman in high school. She has red hair.

Kameko has a strong love for photography and is rarely seen without her camera (hence the nickname Kameko). She dons an oversized hat.

Erohon G-Man works for the government and her primary duty is to ensure that the age-restricted books in the store are managed in accordance with the rules and regulations. She is actually a big fan of BL manga.

I suppose that more characters will be introduced as the anime progresses. If slice-of-life comedy is your cup of tea, then 'Denkigai no Honya-san' is an ideal choice on a lazy day. Do read the manga as well, especially if you can't sit still for the next episode to air. I'm definitely following this series!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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1 comment to ''Denkigai no Honya-san"

  1. First impression of seeing the photo;
    Oh a new romance-harem anime... with lolis..
    but now... it's more on moe (for the female characters ofcourse)...
    I don't know which is better