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Food Manga Collection: Dream-Coloured Pastry Chef

Living and traveling around Asia, I've turned out to be quite the foodie. Sadly, I'm a poor foodie. By that, I mean the kind who sometimes want to eat something nice but can only afford cup noodles... At times like these, I wish I existed in food manga universe! Don't you ever?

You'll be surprised at how many food manga lurking around. I'll be sharing with you guys some of the food manga I've read and am reading! For now, let me begin with the one who started it all: Yumeiro Patissiere!

The title of the manga means dream-coloured pastry chef, which sounds really pretty! In fact, everything about this manga can be described as pretty, from the typical shoujo-style art and beautiful desserts to the sweets spirits. Yes, you heard right! There are spirits in this food manga! Although I say it is a food manga, it focuses completely on dessert. Even our heroine Amano Ichigo claims she has a second stomach just for cake!

Ichigo, the Sweets Princes and the Sweets Spirits
Yumeiro Patisserie is not particularly old, though it's not very young either. The manga ran from 2008 to 2011 and is now collected in 12 tankobans. There was even a 50-episode anime series!

Fun fact: Each chapter is called "recette", which is French for recipe!

Amano Ichigo
It revolves around Ichigo, who is a young girl with no talent except eating sweets. However, she has an exceptional sense of taste which was discovered by Henri-sensei, who invites her to St. Marie Academy to become a patissiere. Together with three boys known as the Sweets Princes and the Sweets Spirits, she gains the confidence and skills to be a patissiere! Her dream is to create sweets that make people smile. She falls in love with one of the Sweets Prince, who returns her feelings.

Kashino Makoto is one of the Sweets Princes of the St. Marie's Academy who specializes in chocolate. He comes from a prestigious family of doctors who do not approve of his career choice and to ensure he can remain in St. Marie's, he is always at the top of his class. Kashino is basically a grump. He eventually warms up to Ichigo to the point of being teammates and friends, and later falls in love with her.

Hanabusa Satsuki is the Sweets Princes who specializes in candy sculptures and flower-based cakes. Hanabusa's dream is to work with his mother, who is the flower arranging teacher at St. Marie's Academy. Since his father died, Hanabusa felt that he should be kind to his mother and women in general. As a result, Hanabusa is extremely nice to all females to the point of being a borderline perpetual flirt. He also seems narcissistic. He is also in love with Ichigo.

Andou Sennosuke is the Sweets Princes who specializes in Japanese sweets. Andou's dream is to open his own shop that sells a blend of Eastern and Western sweets. He often goes to help at his family's shop during holidays and weekends and is a childhood friend of Kashino. Always calm and reliable, he is the older brother of Team Ichigo. Again, he is in love with Ichigo but he gives her up for Kashino.

Cafe, Vanilla, Chocolat, Caramel
There are lots of other characters and of course, no manga is complete without the side characters! In this case, the Sweets Spirits make the most adorable ones! Each Sweets Spirits have their own characters and thus are most suited to the different patissiers they are paired with! Not all students have Sweets Spirits, although Ichigo and the three Sweets Princes are not the only one who have them.

Since this is a bona fide shoujo manga, most of the food are covered by sparkles... Personally I find they still look pretty delicious, though you may beg to differ. I would definitely recommend this manga for people who like fluffy stories, and those who like food manga and don't mind the fluffiness along the way!

Written by Nana

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