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Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Randomness could easily become my cup of tea if certain elements were combined together. That cup of tea could easily upgrade to a better brew if certain characters appeared without much of a detailed explanation. That brew could easily win some fancy drink contest if those characters comprised of a merman, an octopus, a jellyfish, a shark, a hermit crab, a starfish and a (talking) rubber ducky. Don't worry, there is a human being or two around as well. The backdrop? In somebody's bathtub. Welcome to another of my latest favourite series - Orenchi no Furo Jijou! The title translates to 'The Circumstances In My Home's Bathtub'. Let's roll!

Honestly, now that I've discovered the extremely short duration per episode (four minutes including the opening and closing credits), I think that it would be a lot more satisfying to follow the manga instead. It is four-panel, which comes in really handy on days when I feel like reading something light. Anime wise, I suppose that I could watch the entire season in one sitting after all the episodes have been aired. Anyway, shall we meet the characters?

This is Tatsumi, the main (human) protagonist. Tatsumi is a high-school student whose cool, taciturn exterior hides a gentle, kind soul. He is very independent, and great with household chores. His current residence is at his late grandparents' due to accessibility to and from school. Until a merman started cohabiting with him, Tatsumi had always been comfortable on his own.

The merman in question is Wakasa, whose appearance in Tatsumi's home (or to be more specific, the bathtub) is just as random (and unimaginable) as their first encounter by the river bank. Wakasa has long, blond hair which he is extremely proud of. As he requires considerable amount of water to survive, Wakasa's presence has inevitably increased Tatsumi's water and gas expenses. Oh, how did Wakasa end up in the bathtub? He was nearly dying from an attempt to escape from the heavily polluted river that was originally home and Tatsumi happened to walk past that river. That was how they met. Surprisingly, Tatsumi wasn't even the least alarmed that he had rescued a merman. Randomness level-up!

Takasu is Wakasa's long-time friend, and a surprise visitor of Tatsumi's bathtub. Takasu's appearance easily reminds Tatsumi of his favourite food - takoyaki! Yeah, Takasu is an octopus that dons a bandana over his long, red hair. His flexible tentacles make him a skilled handyman and masseur. Takasu is extremely fond of narrow spaces.

Mikuni is a jellyfish and another friend of Wakasa's. His body is translucent and 99% water, which easily puts his life at risk (at least that is how Tatsumi sees it). Mikuni will shrink considerably from dehydration that renders him kind of unnoticeable. He is a tennen boke.

Maki is a myopic hermit crab that was first rescued by Tatsumi outside his doorstep from some naughty kids. Wakasa instantly recognised Maki after Tatsumi brought him into the bathroom. Maki has an extremely pessimistic personality yet he is also quick to react favourably to kindness.

Ahiru-chan is Tatsumi's rubber ducky since childhood. He serves as the narrator in the anime adaptation.

Kasumi is Tatsumi's little sister. Kasumi has a big brother complex and initially viewed Wakasa as a rival. She is the only other human who is aware of Tatsumi and Wakasa's cohabiting.

Currently, the official website of the anime adaptation has only listed down seven characters. I'm not sure if the remaining few characters would appear in future episodes. As mentioned at the beginning, there is also a shark and a starfish. Anyway, do read the manga too as the anime is painfully short.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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