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Goodbye, Kuroko no Basuke

(Pssst, before I begin, make sure you scroll to the end for some news about Kuroko no Basuke!)

I'm sure everyone has heard the news by now. Tadatoshi Fujimaki sensei ended Kuroko no Basuke a few weeks ago. Although I loathe reading uncompleted manga, having a beloved series end also makes me sad. It is a series I grew severely attached to, to the point I actually went on the KnB wiki to read up more on the characters, something I rarely do.

It didn't come as much of a surprise. After all, the recent chapters before the announcement had concluded the match between Seirin and Rakuzan, the last team with a Generation of Miracles member. Honestly, I was hoping for the manga to further but as some fans online wrote, KnB had been losing its shine. I even lost interest for a long time after the Seirin VS Gakuen (Kagami and Aomine) match.

At this point, I have to be honest with you. I have no real aim with this article. I just feel like I wouldn't be able to let KnB go without reminiscing a little... Or alot.

Why so grumpy, Kagami kun?
I think the first thing I felt when I heard about the end of KnB was disappointment over not being able to have any more material of Kagami. If you haven't guessed from my previous loot post where I ended up with a 90% Kagami haul, I love him to smithereens! It was pretty much love at first sight. Even though the very first scene was him intimidating his senpais... My fellow author Ninetylives and I would probably butt heads over whether Aomine (who is my second favourite character) or Kagami is the better player since they're sort of rivals... After all, Aomine is her husbando while Kagami... Well, I wouldn't go so far as to call him my husbando, but I definitely admire and like him very very much.

"Heh. The only one who can beat me is me." (probably)
Honestly, I'm not sure what I like so much about Kagami. He's a true blue basketball idiot, he eats way too much cheeseburgers, he has funny eyebrows (as Murasakibara points out), he's a giant (190cm / 6" 3'!), he's hot headed and his hair colours make no sense. Or perhaps, those reasons are also partially why I like him so much? Then again, I think I did mention once that red-haired anime males are usually one of my favourites. Plus Kagami looks really good in black! I absolutely love him in Seirin's black jersey! Oh! I also don't understand how Kagami can be afraid of Nigou! He is so adorable! I'm a dog person and owning a husky puppy like Nigou would be a dream come true~

Double the puppy eyes! I can't resist!
Fun fact, Kagami's original name was planned to be Shigehiro Ogiwara!
Speaking of Kagami, have you noticed how similar-looking Shigehiro Ogiwara is?

My friend and I were having a discussion about KnB a few days ago. She was grumbling about how unfair it was that her favourite character had to lose because he wasn't the protagonist. After that I realised KnB is actually pretty unique! Although it is a sports manga, it makes use of the battle manga format. As all battle manga go, the protagonist and his team always powers up and defeats many bosses (the Generation of Miracles members) before the final boss (Akashi).

The wonderful Seirin team ^_^
Speaking about battling, am I the only one who feels that KnB feels a little like a superhero manga sometimes? Even though it's simply basketball, most of the characters have unique skills that they bother to name. Without a doubt, my favourite is definitely Kagami's Meteor Jam! Normal dunks are usually the sort that end up with the player hanging from the ring but Kagami doesn't even need to reach for the ring as he jumps even higher!

Murasakibara's Thor's Hammer!
By the way, I often imagine myself having the same skills as the characters in the anime have. Call it a silly daydream, but it's pretty fun for me. Personally, I hope to have the versatility of Aomine! I enjoy his playing the most as he's so skilled he makes basketball look relaxing, plus his free style, or rather lack of style, looks cool! Scoring wise, although having Midorima's long range shots are the most practical, slam dunks makes my heart go doki doki because they are so flashy. Also, I might have to carry a lucky item around all day to make sure I have the Midorima's accuracy too...

What a solemn looking frog...
Speaking of lucky items, I once saw a Midorima cosplayer carrying a huge stuffed alligator! The scene is imprinted in my mind as he was pretty tall and stood out. It was quite adorable as he happened to be standing alone, looking a little lost... 

Everyone's favourite off-duty model, Kise~~~
Out of all the Generation of Miracles members, the one whose skill I cannot imagine being replicated in real life is definitely Kise. Kuroko is usually the smallest on court and quiet, so I understand if he falls off the radar. Akashi's skill, while overbearing, can be because he is extremely observant. On the other hand, Kise's copying needs him to be constantly conscious about his opponent and himself. I feel that in the heat of a match, it'll be harder for him to concentrate on remembering his opponent's movements as compared to him playing naturally in his own style.

Akashi has the prettiest eyes!
At this point, I feel like I've been rambling on and on... It seems as though I have too much thoughts about KnB! I have typed so much and yet haven't even begun to share my thoughts on the non-GoM secondary characters... Perhaps this calls for a second goodbye post? ................. I'm kidding~ I'll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself.

Even though the manga has ended, I doubt the fanbase (if any of the other fans are anything like me) will scatter any time soon. In fact, I have a friend who has actually only cosplayed KnB characters so far and is not planning to stop! 

Written by Nana

P.S. Here's the news I was talking about! Some of them, you probably already know:
1. Season 3 of the anime is confirmed!
2. Epilogues are being released by weekly on the Shonen Jump+ website! Click HERE for the first one! ^^
3. Announced barely a day ago, a sequel will begin serialisation in December 2014! Yup, that's just in time for Christmas ;)

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