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Let's Play: Alpaca Evolution!

And on that day, humanity received a grim reminder... 

In a sunny merry meadow village,
Where a herd of alpacas live in peace and innocuously enough.
Something unusual has happened.
… … An alpaca was born mutant.

Presenting the rising star of the Japanese kimo-kawaii game craze: Alpaca Evolution, designed by Cocosola Inc., the same company that brought you Growing Strange and I am Giraffe

With over 1 million downloads to date on the app store, and that's just counting the English version, Alpaca Evolution's strangeness seems to have captivated the hearts of many. (Including mine)

The game play is simple. Beat up and absorb alpacas by tapping them, and evolve when you gain enough experience points. Nothing much to comment there. It's the weird evolution designs that are the unrivalled stars of the show.

Well, to be honest, 'weird' is almost an understatement. 
Alpacas are already pretty strange looking if you think about it, but Alpaca Evolution truly brings this humble creature to new heights. You won't find fluffy, loveable looking ones here. Think space alien alpacas or mutant angels, the stuff that funky dreams are made of. But ironically, their grotesque looks are the focal point of their irresistible charm. Perhaps I should question my personal taste.

The fun part of the game is unlocking the evolutions so I won't spoil the surprises too much with game play pictures. Download the game for yourself and have fun discovering the potential of the modest alpaca.

On another note, this is also a perfect game for children. It's incredibly simple so complicated explanations are not needed. Most importantly, it's just as, if not more, entertaining for them because of its wacky descriptions and pictures. My eight year old brother absolutely loves it. 

It's also a pretty good icebreaker for conversations, if I do say so myself. People might think you're a weirdo though, so don't say I didn't warn you.

The range of merchandise available is a testament to its immense popularity, if you're still having doubts as to whether to try it out. Put these at the top of my Christmas wishlist!

Amazing. I want all of them.

I think it's time for me to get an iPhone. No, four iPhones.

Just... Amazing.

Fun fact: The original Japanese title is アルパカにいさん, which literally translates to 'alpaca brother'. But why 'alpaca brother'? Is he supposed to be my brother? Is that you nii-san??? He does have a rather human-like face... 

Don't fret once you've reached the last stage though, the final evolution has three patterns! So just re-start the game and eventually, you'll be able to unlock even more bizarre evolutions. Plus, a sequel for the game is in the works to quench your newly-found thirst for mutated humanoid alpacas. Never in my life would I have anticipated myself writing such a ridiculous sentence. 

That's all from me this time! Got to fly now, the critters are calling.

Written by Faelan

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