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Cosplay: Wig Straightening

Hello my fellow nerds! 

I am back with another wig post, and this time it's about straightening my super duper curly wig! Right, so I purchased a yellow blonde wig for my Kise genderbent quite a while back, and I did not realize that it would be so curly when it arrived. 

It's not even soft curls, but massive large curls, and super frizzed at the ends. It was also rather tangled, but I supposed that was due to the fact the the wig is a curly one. With such massive curls, it's definitely bound to have quite a number of tangles. 

When it arrived, I was planning to sell it away and purchase a straight one, but I absolutely adore the color, which was why I risked the curls and bought the wig in the first place. 

I've been putting off straightening my wig, but I finally had time off today, so here I go! 

Before today I've already tried fixing up the wig, hoping to at least untangle and defrizz a little bit, but my attempt failed. What I did was simply to comb through by sections, and use leave on conditioner. Unfortunately, while it did untangle in sections, once I let loose the entire wig it went right back to its original tangled state. 

So, today. Attempt two:

This time I washed my wig, conditioned, and then combed through in sections, once again praying that when it dries out, it would straighten out. After hours of battling with it, and gaining plenty of arm muscles in the process, it was a failure, again. 

Once it dried, it went back to it's original state, as it was in the first two pictures. It did defrizz a little, and the curls were less intense, but still not what I had envisioned. It was still hella tangled. I was about to vomit blood. What I wanted was a little bit of curls, but it seems like I had to make do without the curls at all. 

Then comes attempt three. 

'This is the last attempt,' I swore to myself. I went for hot water this time, boiling several pots and drenching my whole wig head in it. Take note, be careful when pouring hot water! If it's too heavy, etc, get an adult to do it for you! (snickers)

I almost scalded myself because I misjudged the bathroom step, but I did manage to complete the task, Then I went through with a comb once again, and left it to drip dry. After a couple of hours it's looking hella fine, super straight and everything. Tangles are gone, and I trimmed off the leftover frizz stuck at the bottom. 

wig isn't completely dry yet
The magic is in the hot water. I suppose it would be easier to use a hair straightener, but I didn't have one, and I wasn't sure if my wig was heat resistant too. I guess if your water isn't too hot the wig doesn't have to be heat resistant, but I was too irritated to care and dumped the whole pot anyway.

So, if you bought the wrong type of wig or want to straighten out a wig for another character, use hot water and let it drip dry! It's a bloody miracle. 

Before I flounce off, here's an event update:

"Singapore Cosplay Club announces the Capital Of Cosplay Championship!

Date: 22 and 23 November 2014 
Time: 1pm - 6pm
Stage activities start at 2pm.
Venue: Bugis+

Come Cosplay with us!

Guests Village's Hope, Sara Tousabao and Rhodaliel will be featured in this event!
Join us as we make a series of Cosplay workshops in makeup and costumes.

Please share the news!"

That's all from me, nerd out! 
Written by: ninetylives

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