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Utattemita (the female edition)

After my last post about utattemita, did you go check out more utaite? :D I recommended my favourite male utaite but if female voices appeal more to you, look no further!

Despite the female avatars, two of them are actually males?!

Here are my favourite female utaite~

"Mozaik Role" by nano
nano is known for her strong, tomboyish voice! As she's bilingual, she covers songs in both English and Japanese! She's also one of the utaite who has released an official album under a label and has even had a world tour. Here's one of my favourite English ones of hers!

"Kuroneko kei joshi" by 96Neko
96Neko caught my attention with her nickname and heavily-pierced ears!

These would be such a pain to remove every night...

Eventually her voice caught my attention too! This song is one which I discovered by accident (yup, I'm referring to Kanseru's version from my previous post about male utaites), then I realised she made a cover of it too.

"soundless voice" Valshe
I really enjoy her low voice! She sounds totally male and if you need any convincing, search for the Detective Conan 37th opening on Youtube! However, while that is more upbeat, my favourite by her is one that makes me feel like crying...

"no title" Reol
For me, Reol is the female version of kradness as she autotunes her songs too (though not as much as he does) and their voices complement each other really well! She also sounds really, really good and here's an original song of hers!

"Isshin Furan" Reol feat. ill.bell and nqrse
To end my utattemita posts, here's a collaboration song! There are actually many collaboration songs out there; a single song by itself can already be covered by many collaborators. This one blends Reol's vocals with ill.bell and nqrse's rap!

I was captured by ill.bell and nqrse's voices immediately! While ill.bell has released many covers, nqrse is pretty new having only debuted last year. Curiously, his avatar is a very gentle looking female... I wonder why! Whichever the case, I hope to hear more from both of them! I love how gravelly their raps are!

Written by Nana

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