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Winter Ballads

The Christmas spirit continues to haunt (?) my inner jukebox ever since I wrote about feeling a little Christmassy at the start of November which is in fact the time when the streets and malls get busy for the holiday preparations and such. The first stretch of Christmas lights should be ready anytime soon. I can't say that I'm looking forward though. The horrifying hordes seem to be equipped with Christmas radars notifying them of the nearest available Christmas tree or reindeer. I'm not exaggerating - more than half of my previous year's snapshots weren't really about Christmas lights or decorations. That sudden human head or two which had somehow managed to photobomb almost my entire photo album would probably roll off the streets if I were to tag along this year. Anyway, pardon the digression.

This article will continue where the Christmas jukebox left off previously. However, I would like to concentrate on a few winter ballad songs this time. I've mentioned before that I don't usually dig ballads, yet from time to time there would be that odd ballad or some which had caught my ears. One of those songs is 'Winter Love' by BoA which I've introduced previously. The jukebox has found some more winter ballads to usher in an early Christmas. As usual, please kindly refrain from using any of the songs for your cardio workouts. I'm certain that nobody fancies a broken bone for a Christmas present. Moving on.

♪ Issho ni... by MAX (24th November 1999)
Some years back, I bought a two-disc compilation album titled 'Precious Collection 1995 - 2002' featuring many of the group's hit songs in those eight years. One of my favourites from the compilation is 'Issho ni...' which I believe was their first attempt at a mid-tempo ballad song. The group is better known for its powerful dance numbers, therefore this song created a pleasant contrast to the girls' repertoire. 'Issho ni...' was performed during the group's appearance in the 50th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen. Even though the item was a shortened version, the girls still did a splendid job. The song reached #8 on the Oricon charts.

♪ Issho ni itai to hajimete omotta
(I had first thought I wanted us to be together)
Issho ni iretara kogarashi no sora mo...
(If we could be together, even the bitter cold sky...)
Kondo aeru toki wa motto sunao ni naritai
(The next time we meet, I want to be more honest)
"X'mas" soba ni ite omoi kiri dakishimetai
(I want to be by your side on Christmas, holding you tight) ♪

♪ Yuki no Hana by Nakashima Mika (1st October 2003)
'Yuki no Hana' is Nakashima Mika's signature song. It was awarded the Gold Award at the 45th Japan Record Awards alongside Best Lyrics. Mika had performed the song twice during the 54th and 56th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen respectively. 'Yuki no Hana' remains one of the most requested numbers particularly in various polls of popular winter songs. It reached #3 on the Oricon weekly chart. An interesting episode regarding this song is that Mika had actually requested for the music video to be filmed inside a studio with a zero degree room temperature!

♪ Kotoshi saisho no yuki no hana wo
Futari yorisotte
(When we cuddle up together gazing at the first snow of this year)
Nagameteiru kono toki ni
Shiawase ga afuredasu
(During this moment happiness begins to flow all over me)
Amae toka yowasa ja nai
(I'm neither being spoiled nor weak)
Tada kimi wo aishiteru
Kokoro kara sou omotta
(I simply love you, I really think so from the bottom of my heart) ♪

Both songs have resonated strongly with the images of lovers vowing their love for each other under the winter skies. The slight bittersweetness that comes with the harsh yet romantic climate accentuates the determination to protect the other half in the midst of snow and such. I kind of like the idea of watching the snowflakes fall though not in the romantic sense. That would make quite a wicked concept for an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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