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3DS: Pokemon ORAS

Hello my fellow Pokemon fanatics!

I bring you Pokemon ORAS, that is, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I've completed the game a while back, and am now hunting down the legendaries as well as attempting to complete the pokedex.

Unlike the other Pokemon games, I find that ORAS brings a lot more to the story and gameplay. For example, while the other Pokemon games tend to end after the defeat of the elite four, ORAS adds an extra story bit, the Delta Episode, featuring a young Draconid named Zinnia, her irritating Whismur, and the mighty Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza looks terrible to me. Like a garndpa with a beard
But let's start from the beginning. If you've played Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald before, ORAS stays close to the original storyline, with the addition of the Delta Episode. As with the RSE, depending on the version you chose, you will butt heads with either Team Magma or Team Aqua. I played Alpha Sapphire, so the team I was up against was Team Aqua, 

What is the Delta Episode?

"This part of the game tells of a story of an asteroid coming towards the planet with ties to things that happened 3000 years ago. It is said to tie together the mysteries of Mega Evolution and gives the history of Hoenn. This is done with the help of characters such as Steven and Wallace. 

This story activates after you first beat the Elite Four. When you start your save it goes to Mossdeep City where Professor Cozmo is alerted to a disaster. A meteoroid is heading towards the planet, aiming for an island by Route 131. A Magma/Aqua grunt takes off her uniform and dons her normal clothing, proving herself to be Zinnia. She mentions things have got tricky because you stopped the primal Pokémon being revived."

Exciting much? Spoiler!! (You catch Deoxys here! If you killed it, you can try again at the Sky Pillar after defeating the elite four once more.)

Now, training-wise, I find it much easier to level up my team as the Exp, Share is given quite early in game, and as long as you don't skip any trainers, I'd say you're all set to trash anyone. And by anyone I mean the trainers in game, and not the Online Battles. 

So, new game, new features? 

ORAS features Mega Evolution, as well as extra pokemon that can mega evolve. ORAS also has a hotter version of Steven Stone (trust me, super hot) and his hella solid Mega Metagross. The new fairy type is also present in ORAS. I really detest the extra fairy type because my memory type chart match up is now messed up and I had to check for weakness and strengths, again. 

ooh yassss

Pokemon Amie, Super Training, and the Horde Encounters are also available in ORAS. However, while we had the Battle Frontier in RSE, ORAS has changed that to a simple Battle Resort. I personally like the Battle Frontier better. I find that there are more battle variations in Battle Frontier.

SO COOL!!!! and yes, that's Wally with you
Also, one little thing that I realised. For caves and places that need flash, you don't actually need flash. For me, I turned my screen brightness up to maximum, then went back to the game. Tadah! The cave is still dark, but somehow bright enough for me to maneuver around. 

After completing the game, go back to Littleroot, Prof Birch lets you choose another one out of the three starters from a different region. He does that thrice, I believe.

Up next, new characters! With the not so new feature of secret bases, there comes a Secret Base NPC, Aarune. You'll spot him mid game, and then after meeting him, you can use the TM Secret Power on suspicious spots to make your very own Secret Base! Mine is fashioned in a way that it kinda looks like a Pokemon Gym, heheh.  

hurhur he does looks ridic old. 
Lisia is also another new NPC, and she's in charge of the Pokemon Contests. Remember that? She has an Altaia, which can Mega Evolve, and beating her in any contest is a giant pain in the butt. Your best bet at beating her is using the Cosplay Pikachu. You will be able to get the cosplay Pikachu after your very first contest. I don't think you need to win the contest, though. All you need to do is max out Pika's contest stats, which won't take long since Cosplay Pika already has very high contest stats. Dress Pika up in the costume of your choice, and pray when you're up against Lisia. 

Or you can google one of the sure win move sets. 

One of the coolest things in ORAS is flying around on either Latias or Latios, depending on your version. Steven doesn't give you the Eon Flute that is required to summon Latios/ Latias until quite late in game, but it didn't matter much for me. The back and forth travelling is good exp. Having the Eon Flute means I don't have to teach my Pokemon fly, which is nice. 

The PokeNav has also been upgraded, meaning that there are more new features. One is the News page, where news about your friends or people you have streetpassed will appear. which is really really cool. Another page shows you which pokemon you can encounter in that area, and which you have already caught. At times, a magnifying glass will pop up in the middle of the screen, which means that the pokemon nearby has a special move or ability, and that requires you to creep up on the pokemon, else it will be startled and escape. Realistic, yesh? (Ralts with its head poking out of the grass is wayyyyy too cute.)

Another realistic feature I like in ORAS is the scuba mask. When you dive underwater, you'll see your character in the scuba mask. There are also trainers underwater! Super cool. They won't ! at you though, you'll have to talk to them to initiate a battle. Go-goggles are also on when you go through the desert.

Also! You after completing the game, including Delta, you will be able to get both bikes after talking to three specific people. With the Mach Bike, you have to talk to the Hex Maniac on Route 111, and with the Acro Bike, talk to a birdkeeper on Route 119 (Surf & Waterfall), and then with any bike, talk to a Triathlete on the Battle Resort. You have to be riding your bike while you talk to them, if not it won't work. 

Mirage Spots appear after you complete the game, where you can catch specific legendaries and other Pokemon from different regions. It's tedious work, completing the Pokedex, but with the new online trade system it is possible. It's even better if you have a friend with the other version of yours. 

Well, I'm going to catch more Pokemon now

Nerd out! 

I believe this is Steven shielding their eyes from Wallace because

look at this outfit, honestly

Written by: ninetylives

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