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What's In My Playlist

I've been doing a lot of commuting during the holiday season, be it for a gathering, party or just shopping for gifts. Music has definitely helped me deal with the crowds during the festive period and Singapore's now less-than-efficient public transport system. My anisong playlist has been expanding steadily, no thanks to the many titles and movies I've watched through the years and here's just a few that I've been putting on repeat during the last month or so. Happy holidays and best wishes for the year ahead, everyone!

Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai - Aqours
I still remember purchasing a physical copy of the album on the day it released in Japan over a year ago. How time flies! The jazzy Christmas tune from Aqours probably got the most mileage out of all the songs featured here. The upbeat song definitely helped make navigating the crowds more enjoyable and unfortunately, I'm a sucker for Christmas music in all languages and styles, so I won't be stopping the jingle bells anytime soon.

GloryStory (Herbst Musikfest) - Choucho
Girls und Panzer grew to become one of my favourite anime titles in the past few months. I've re-watched the anime series and movie several times now and I'm betting I'll do the same with the upcoming 6-part movie series as well. The soundtrack was gripping and I even caught myself whistling several marches and the main theme on more than a few occasions. I particularly enjoyed Choucho's rendition of GloryStory at Herbst Musikfest 2015, with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra providing the instrumentals rather than the usual backing track.

Awaken the Power - Saint Aqours Snow
The mini-arc in Love Live! Sunshine!!'s 2nd season which led to this collaboration between Aqours and Saint Snow was thanks to Ruby and Leah from both groups respectively. I definitely did not expect the collaboration single, predicting a duet between the two school idols instead. If only μ's and A-RISE from the original Love Live! series teamed up to produce a song or two (And no, Sunny Day Song does not count). It's an inspirational track and one that makes even more sense if you've been watching the anime.

Nandemonaiya - Radwimps
You must be living in Itomori if you have no idea what this song or film is. It's been over a year since the movie aired in Singapore but the soundtrack remains captivating till today. I'm glad that Radwimps was the one who scored the soundtrack for the film instead of your run of the mill composer and although the only songs I have from the J-Rock band are from the film, I'm definitely checking out the rest of their discography soon.

Hana no Uta - Aimer
Hana no Uta was the theme song for Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower and how fitting for it to be performed by Aimer, who previously sang Brave Shine and Last Stardust in the Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works anime. The haunting vocals and instrumentals was a sharp contrast to Brave Shine and Last Stardust, providing the biggest hint to how the film trilogy will play out along with the tone it will adopt. I was initially put off by how slow the song started but it paid off by the time it reached the chorus, much like the Heaven's Feel route itself.

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