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Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2014: My Virgin Flight

You readers may not believe it, but I've barely made it alive out of the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2014 despite some initial anticipation due to it being my first time ever attending such a grand scale event. As much as I would like to think that old age has got nothing to do with me nearly turning into a flatbread sandwich, the weary signs accompanied by bouts of claustrophobia failed to justify that. Nonetheless, I still had my share of fun! Let me attempt to lay out the mess (?) as refined as I can. Warning: Cuteness overload ahead.

Saturday, 6th December 2014
Around 10:45am

The label hangs proudly over its booth

Feeling like an extremely lost sheep, I simply wandered about in the enormous exhibition halls. I knew that I needed photographs to complement my writing, but I didn't have a clue as to where I should begin. There wasn't really anything specific that I wanted to see or explore. After what felt like eons, I spotted a line-up of Horipro artistes. Their profile shots to be more exact.

The artistes

A couple more

Unfortunately, I don't know much about the artistes. After staring at their pictures in awe for about two minutes, I decided to move ahead. Along the way I caught a glimpse of an upcoming Death Note musical in April next year.

Death Note: The Musical

Thankfully, things were starting to look up (?) as I ventured further in the exhibitions. The cuteness overload fired its first cannon with a line of fashion dolls known as Smart Doll, designed by Danny Choo who is the founder of Culture Japan. My trembling hands struggled to keep the tablet focused on those lovely things.

<3 the kimono

Aren't we pretty?

We are warm and cuddly! Won't you take us home?

Smart Doll

<3 this outfit particularly the beanie

What a cute blouse!

On the runway...

Fuwa fuwa...

Where's your harp?

My guess is that those are all Mirai Suenaga dolls in various outfits, hairstyles and kawaii poses. Same goes for the window displays. Other Culture Japan related merchandise were sold at the event including these two T-shirts: Chitose Is Justice and Kizuna Is Tenshi. Moving on.

JBStyle's live demonstration

The acrylic paints and such

Loving the outfit!

JBStyle is an illustrator based in Aichi, Japan who had the privilege of sharing his craft to curious onlookers at one of the booths. I was instantly mesmerised by his live demonstration. While I don't claim to be an artistic person, many times I would like to think that I know a thing or some about symbolism in different art forms. Anyway, the 'final' artwork was nothing short of breathtakingly spectacular. Oh, and I love what he was wearing. That outfit is something that I would like to don someday.  

Danny Choo from Culture Japan

Aspirational mangaka hard at work

Danny Choo served as a guest judge for some manga-drawing competition which I didn't stay to watch, however I still made a mediocre attempt to snatch a shot of him being interviewed by a moderator. Also caught on camera were the two finalists. Don't worry, I still love manga very much okay?

Luffy & Gang

You guys look expensive (?)

Hello, Luffy & Gang! You guys were my thirty-second interlude. Sorry, I haven't been following your adventures because they are just too long to my liking. But I still find all of you cute!

Kawaii overload begins here


The biggest highlight (?) of the cuteness overload had to be THE iDOLM@STER franchise. It is something that I fancy very much yet I don't have the opportunity to fully indulge in the series. I used to watch bits and pieces of gameplay uploaded by some kind-hearted fans. The showbiz and idol-raising aspects are what have kept me interested for so long despite not owning any console and such.

The many idols in the franchise

Games and more games

When would I be able to play one of these?

The most attention-grabbing life-size cardboard cut-outs of the idols standing in the middle of a mini stage must had depleted many takes of the cameras. I'm only slightly more familiar with the girls from 765PRO. Their concert outfits were on display as well. Of course, I couldn't forget about those figurines that were screaming "Yes, me! Me! I'm the cutest!" from the window displays.

Concert outfits

Welcome to AFA!

Thank you!

Listen to us sing!
We are the cutest!

Three-tier cuteness


Lovely stationery set

More of the girls

The first-generation Sailor Moon graced the exhibitions for her own cosmetics line Miracle Romance. Naturally, the remaining sailors and Tuxedo Kamen weren't invited.

Moon Prism Power! Make Up!

Any readers able to identify all the characters and their respective anime in this large poster? Apparently, fans could take pictures with the poster or something.

I spot Luffy. I spot Naruto. I spot Konan. I spot...

The grand finale (?) of my virgin flight was karaoke! I mustered enough courage for Ohitorisama Karaoke which was streamed live on Niconico as each participant took their turn inside the karaoke box! Unfortunately there had been no way to take a selfie in there since I was too occupied singing for that five minutes of fame (?). I would definitely try that again if the organisers decide to bring it back next year!

                                                            picture courtesy from Asia Werkz

I'm glad to have survived the few hours that I spent in AFA. Imagine my tremendous relief the second I made my exit! Anyway, I'm still very grateful for the golden opportunity because it meant that I've taken another notch up the ladder. While it hadn't been a comprehensive experience, I'm really happy to have boarded the flight.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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