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Visiting SpookyTown "The Lost Carnival" by KidZania

On 3 November we visited SpookyTown "The Lost Carnival" by KidZania. Word has it that many years ago, there was a mysterious explosion caused by the town’s famous alchemist, Dr SpookZ in SpookyTown’s annual Carnival. Everyone in the once-bustling town vanished except SpookyTown’s Mayor Fabiola. And if you step into SpookyTown and listen attentively, you can still hear carnival music from The Lost Carnival. Indeed this is enough to make my hair stand as I recalled a similar incident when I was doing my NS duty patrolling late at night. In a deserted section of the reservist camp, I heard what sounded like an old Japanese World War II music. I didn't stay to investigate. There were only less than 50 soldiers in the entire camp and it wasn't a good idea to ask for help if I was captured or worst, if I got time-travelled back to the 1940s!

Our lovely media assistant cum photographer was super excited to visit SpookyTown to soak into the Halloween spirit.

Beautiful stage for the little boys and ghouls to take photos.

SpookyTown is a 81,000 square feet kid-sized city, complete with buildings and paved streets. The white mist provided a mysterious air to the atmosphere. In this corner, there was an abandoned ambulance. It seemed there was a zombie outbreak.

 As we walked further, the mood became lively with the presence of happy kids and adults. Stepping into the Carnival Games zone, the kids were queuing up for their turn to play some games and win prizes.

Angela gave out some cute Halloween stickers to some of the children. We then queued up to enter the "Rehabilitation Centre", which was one of the Haunted House.

As we entered the Rehabilitation Centre, we were briefed that there were three parts to the journey. Firstly, we had to find the cure for the citizens of SpookyTown or else well, we would join the hordes of creatures outside. Second, the medical staff attending to the patient would ask if we had found the magic cure. Finally, we got to witness how effective the magic cure was.

This was the first room and it reminded me of the chemistry lesson in my secondary days. Only creepier as the room was pretty dim. I was prepared any moment the medical lab technician would yelled at us. Luckily she didn't as there were kids in the room.

Loud banging on the wooden wall....

 As we approached the next room, the setting was that of a hospital ward. The doctor was trying to treat the male patient whom was fighting for his life. And I was prepared to fight for mine as well, that is, if he came near me...

We got a little relieved as we entered to the last rehabilitation room. Mankind had found a cure which was purple in colour and the girl patient was being treated and monitored. From time to time, the patient would look into her small mirror and smile in a creepy manner. She would also stand up and walk towards us which freaked some of the smaller kids. Overall, the scare actor and actresses did a wonderful job in the "Rehabilitation Room", balancing being professional and making us feel comfortable.

Next, we ventured towards the "Forgotten Garden".

 The staff inside the room were preparing the little "pond" for the next batch of kids to do some fishing. The kids must find the missing "Words" to help reverse the curse that had befallen SpookyTown's resident farmer. 

 In KidZania, there are a few F&B outlets for a little stopover.

Stepping into KidZania's SpookyTown made us feel that we are in other parts of the world. The climate was cool and comfortable to just roam about.

If modern technology such as Google Map fails you, we could fall back to the good old traditional map.

We then proceeded to the second floor to visit the "House of Antiques".

All shoes outside...

The "House of Antiques" was the designated Safe Zone for the little boys and ghouls to take part on drawing, colouring and balloon sculpting, whilst keeping them calm from the Halloween activities going down below. What a thoughtful idea from KidZania!

Behind Angela was a large poster of our creation, Kakichan "Spookalicious 3" Halloween theme illustration. We placed a black-and-white version of Spookalicious 3 for the children to colour, along with some Kakichan stickers. Kakichan was very well received throughout this Halloween season.

Angela loved the cool indoor climate. While she was taking a rest and made herself comfortable, I revisited the ground floor to snap more pictures.

I took a photo with a zombie guy holding a ragged doll whom seemed to be more scared of me ^^.

The "Best Dressed" for the night went to this team of suicide squad Harley Quinn. Kudos ><.
We spent about 3 hours touring SpookyTown and it was a very enjoyable experience. The queue were not long, averaging about 20-30 mins. It was evident that the venue wasn't packed to the brim even though KidZania could easily sold more tickets. But that would had made people wait longer in the queue, inadvertently reducing the quality (and experience). In today's climate where on a moral level, we often ask ourselves "To Do Things Right" or "To Do the Right Thing"? KidZania had impressed me by opting for the latter, forgoing business over quality.

Written by Max Wong

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