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Catching Up: SAO HF, Kamen Rider W and Fourze...

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Catching up post. I haven’t been writing lately as I was busy with a certain game that I have not touch for half a year. Well then, let us begin.

Okay so the game that I’ve been playing with is Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. I know some of you guys must have completed the game already. Yeah, I know. I’m slow at it. Well, when I’ve got back to the game, I was curious about the settings. So, my itchy fingers were pressing on various stuff and I accidentally reset my save data. Haha… What an idiot!

So from a level 125 and halfway through the floors, I was back to the first floor. But worry not, I still have knowledge on levelling up from my experience so I am now back to level 123 and completed the Hollow Area. I spent most of my time there as most monsters there are of higher level. So my Philia is now close to the same level as me. There was this one mistake that I did while trying to get to events which was accidentally going back to a boss area. Haha… I had to face the Hollow Reaper again by myself. 

It looks exactly the same as the floor 75 boss...
Well, I managed to defeat it (even though I was running around most of the time trying to escape its “Scythe Rush” skill.) I also learn of a new place to grind for levels after completing the Hollow Area, so I’ll probably level up the heroines there.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I died a few times when fighting Hollow Kirito. 

I totally wasn’t prepared for it. I was like “Yes, the boss is gone! Finally! Wait, what!?” I died to its Eclipse, which I very well thought that I could parry. Oh, and when I finally met Sachi, I started tearing up. 

Go away onion cutting ninjas! Leave me alone!
I actually left my PSV for a while and went to lie down on my bed in the fetal position. I was a bit overjoyed seeing her even though it’s not really her. Kusu kusu...

I’ve experience a roller coaster of emotions. Feeling happy, sad, angry and lazy. Just me enjoying the story and the experience. Which is one of the reasons I play games. To experience the story. I want to be brought on an adventure. Oh yeah… I didn’t tell you guys why I got back to playing it. Well, I made a goal to myself to complete the SAO HF before I get my copy of Sword Art Online: Lost Song. I pre-ordered the English version of it a few weeks ago and I saw some of the gameplay. To be able to fly… I want to play it now! It sort of reminds me of ORAS with the flying around with Latios/Latias.

Okay, now let me move on to my next topic, which is the Kamen Rider that I’ve finished watching. First up is Kamen Rider W. 

Count up your sins...
I had watched a few episodes before but dropped it. So now, I am going against my laziness and started watching it again. I find it quite interesting at first but halfway through I got bored of its content. I find it quite funny that their drivers are thumb drives. 

I wonder if they sell these at Challenger?
I just can’t take it so whenever they transformed, I snicker in glee.

Next is Kamen Rider Fourze, which I refused strongly to watch after the first episode. But after watching it again and finishing recently, I really enjoyed it. But the ending was a bit of a flop for me. He has quite an interesting and unique driver. It’s also quite bulky similar to Drive’s driver. 

HAHA!! He's so sparkly!
I really like of the main character let his hair down instead of having a regent hair. He looks better that way. 


Currently now I am watching Drive and in the process of beginning Kiva. I don’t really know of what to expect of Kiva other than what I’ve seen from Decade, which I doubt that it’s related. Maybe a little…

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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