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How To Study

Studying - how almost the entire universe hates it to varying degrees. Thanks to anime (?), the chore feels even more intimidating than imagined. Sure, it is important to study - knowledge is the key to several doors. However, it isn't everything in the world. Nobody's life should ever be predetermined by the education system - just because I haven't qualified for any of my choices doesn't render me a failure. The morale among students is dangerously low enough, so please don't make it worse.

Often, it is never about diligence but an individual's capacity for academics. I mean, there are subjects which no matter how hard we try to break down and process, nothing still makes sense at all. Then, there is also the pressure of repeating a grade or not being able to further one's education. Honestly, a full certificate is mainly for show - how much of what we used to study still applies today in our lives? 

Unfortunately, whatever reasons students may have for not performing to expectations, they are largely ignored as nobody really cares for what they can't see until something tragic happens or something. It is easily a vicious cycle. Ultimately, it boils down to survival at its finest - just find a way to get by this scary period for now. 

If you simply can't study another line, don't force - the situation isn't going to improve anyway. Just free your clouded mind as you deem appropriate. Yeah, moderation is still vital here! Nobody is preventing you from playing your favourite computer games, but do exercise some restraint - it is after all a break.

Bribery is a good if not the perfect way to motivate somebody into studying for just a little while longer. Never ever underestimate the power it has over the human mind. I would so go for that slice of cake as if my sanity depends on it. Then again, it is also about lifting up the mood.

Or if you have some fundamentals of concentration like how martial arts practitioners would gather all their energy to the centre or core or whatever they call it for maximum performance, studying in the state of oblivion is probably another method, though I really won't go that far. I mean, the last one is just ouch!

Finally, if you happen to be gifted with magic or supernatural abilities, studying should be a little more relaxing (?) since the transference of information into the brain would be something like that - the surroundings just contort to the unleashing of your powers! Well, just don't end up destroying the school or your house or wherever you are in the process.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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