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Catching up - Fragments of Chaos, A Cup of Evlend and A Pair of Wolves...

(The title might be a bit unknown to those who haven’t watched it yet or those who have forgotten, so here’s the first version. Catching up – Gosick, Eve no Jikan, Spice and Wolf and Wolf Children…)

Hi guys. Welcome back to another catching up post. At the moment when I’m typing this out, I would be uploading the pictures for cosfest up but it’s taking a while so I killed some time by watching some anime and reading through a light novel. 

Waku waku~
At times I wonder about my life and how does it affect those around me. Sort of like a reflection period. My life consists of me just enjoying my own world and delusions, sitting down watching through anime and putting myself in the story. Then in the end I’ll have a moment to myself, probably curled up into a ball, full of conflicting emotions on whether that anime/manga/light novel was something I’m supposed to be smiling about with its ending or am I supposed to feel lonely that its finished and gone. 

Kusu kusu... :( 
The void (what I call it) has always been something that I couldn’t really deal with most of the time. Finding ways to distract myself, getting my mind off these emotions is still something I have yet to master as it can sometimes last very long. If I may quote from Spice & Wolf, “Loneliness is a disease that can lead to death. They might as well be the same thing.” Is it familiar to some of you? It’s a quote from Holo from episode 4 of its first season. With that, I’ll begin telling you guys how I spend my Christmas Eve or actually, the month of December.

Gosick was an anime that I started watching a few months before, but I stopped for a while in order to make time for assignments to finish. I really pushed watching it and only got time to watch it today. The rain helped to create a mood and atmosphere, which was quite serene. It reminded me of a few scenes that I’ve come across and my mind soon land on Gosick. 

Seems similar...
You could say an air of loneliness drifted into the setting in my mind, sort of how Victorique was alone in the dark room when she was younger. Though, her loneliness is something I won’t be able to feel no matter how much I yearn (I’m strange aren’t I?) and try to re-enact it. Well, I finally finish Gosick, which ended quite well. I was actually surprised as to what happened to Victorique and when Kazuya’s hair was cut, I couldn’t recognize him at first. I really enjoyed Gosick with its mystery, the darkness of it and at times the light hearted and cute moments of Victorique.

Following that, I immediately watched Eve no Jikan as it was bookmarked for some time, which I had long forgotten. 

Didn’t really know what to expect at first as I read a brief outline of it, which talks about androids and humans. But I’m glad I watched it. There were a few lessons that I could gain from it and it is an interesting concept to watch through. Not really as touching as other anime or manga or novels I’ve read, but it does its job of making me think and ponder about it. I really want to visit a café like that if possible (hint to potential café owners, wink, wink~).

Where can I get a few of these? (The pun wasn't intended though...)
And last and finally not least (there’s more stuff that I’ve experienced but I’ll keep it to three. Need some time to gather my thoughts on them) is having experience a pair of wolves. Both are anime and something you guys might have watched already (if you haven’t, you’re missing out) Spice and Wolf, and Wolf Children, Ame and Yuki. First off, I would like to point out that it’s not that I didn’t know about it or such. Thing is that, I’ve been putting off some shows, not because of not having time like Gosick but I want to watch it at a good time where the mood was right and it so happens to fall on a Chirstmas Eve. Well, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that experience and it was heartwarming watching it during the cold night (due to the rain, not snow). I’ve been reading the light novels for Spice and Wolf during the beginning of the month and managed to finish it a day before Chirstmas Eve which made me look forward to finishing the second season (finish the first one ages ago).

I finish the novel already and was happily satisfied despite knowing what's to come...
I really wish for more seasons of it where I would finally see that bittersweet ending on screen and start pouring from the eyes. Ame and Yuki was a bit bittersweet for me as I wanted them to stay together but I understand that some day, your children will walk their own path and you need to see them off with a smile. No matter how painful it may be to see them go. Though I said that, I am not yet married so this is all I could gather from what I’ve experience from anime and the likes. It was also a weird experience for me when Hana was calling out for her son as that is how my name is pronounce. I couldn’t help but chuckled whenever she called for him (or me?)

A beautiful family...
Well, Christmas has already passed us and the year is coming to an end. Left with a few leftovers from Autumn and Winter is about to begin or should I say has already begun. I am looking forward to this new season’s lineup and also the amazing lineup we have for Spring. Well, everyone. Akemashite Omedetou!
(Bows to the computer…)

Happy New Year, minna-san…

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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