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Ochatomo - Your Little Tea Companion

Ah... a short article and unboxing of these cute little things called ochatomo (literally translated as tea friends/buddies). They hang or cling onto the lip of your cup and essentially serve no better purpose than to look cute really. I guess they are kind of Japan’s new in thing to have for accessorising personal items. You really have got to give a hand to Japan to come up with these awesome little adorable things.
I first encountered ochatomo in a store called Tokyu Hands, a really popular and interesting Japanese departmental store that opened a few branches here in Singapore not too long ago. I saw their office girl ochatomo and was curious so to Google I went!
A few minutes later and of course…I ended up at Ami Ami… and so here we are today…I’m a proud owner of a whole box of Kuroko no Basket ochatomo. 

The cuteness of Kuroko…and nigou (the dog) I just couldn’t resist when I saw the pictures!

They come nicely shipped and packed in a big box and each individual character is packed in a smaller box. All the smaller boxes are labelled on top so you know which character is in which box!

Each individual box contains one ochatomo and one coaster with the corresponding character’s picture on it.

Kuroko really looks so cute on my cup! They seem to fit snugly on thicker rims, if the cup rim is too thin they might fall right off.

You can see that the figures are hand painted though…o.o…since the paint is not even sometimes, overall it still looks good though. It makes me want to reach out to my cup to drink water…ah haha…maybe it's a plot by the health department of Japan to get people to drink more liquids? Cuteness induced drinking?
Anyway, that’s all from me…I have a feeling that the Prince of Tennis Ochatomo is going to be on my pre-order list too. 


Written by Neko

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