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A Chinese Wife And An Otaku Husband

I wouldn't mind leaving behind what I have over here to experience life abroad, especially if that place is somewhere in Japan. It would be really awesome to enrol in language classes and commute to school almost every day. I bet that my spoken Japanese would improve by threefold through daily situations. Then, I could sit for the JLPT and apply for a place in one of those schools for future voice actors and such. Ah, what a blissful dream. I might get kind of nervous though, but the bottom line after all is just to be there I suppose. In a foreign land, every day would feel like the beginning of a new adventure. Honestly, I really need an adventure like that.

Anyway, pardon all that dream talk. Today's article will take a peek into the daily lives of Yue and Inoue Junichi, otherwise known as A Chinese Wife And An Otaku Husband. Their lives first appeared as blog posts in the form of four-panel manga (!). Inoue is an illustrator in his 40s who had never imagined of getting married, let alone an international marriage. Yet, fate went on to pave a road for him to meet his wife Yue, a Chinese lady in her 20s from Shenyang who has had some experience in Japan and such. Along the way, Inoue decided to chronicle his life with Yue by starting a blog. The blog became a huge hit over time and eventually there were plans for the web comics to be published in book format. The fourth volume will be released on January 31st.

Their stories cover a pretty broad range, but mostly about Yue's fascination with the Japanese culture and many of the struggles that she has while attempting to integrate into a completely different environment. Their banters are nothing short of hilarious and nerve-wrecking, particularly when Yue is unable to express herself well in Japanese during certain situations and poor Inoue has to rattle off all the possible words which she had meant to say. Nonetheless, Yue and Inoue still remain the cute, loving couple as they achieve equilibrium in their daily lives.

A rather interesting discovery is that Yue's speech pattern is often accentuated with katakana writing to express different types of thoughts and feelings. While I'm not sure if that is Inoue's deliberate contrast, it kind of affects the reading sometimes. Anyway, the series has since evolved into a full-fledged franchise. The cultural differences and other challenges in international marriages are subjects of active discussion, and the manga provides a refreshing, light-hearted take on an otherwise solemn material.

In reality, Inoue definitely looks more charming than his manga self. There is an air of benevolence around him. On the other hand, Yue remains shrouded in mystery as photographs of her are always missing the face profile. I suppose that privacy is still the top priority since Yue isn't considered a public figure. Anyway, it would be exciting to have a live-action film adaptation of their lives. They remind me of Oguri Saori and Tony Laszlo, another well-known couple of international marriage. Has anybody heard of 'My Darling Is A Foreigner'?

It has been nearly five years since the beginning of Yue and Inoue's lives online. There is no doubt that this happy couple will continue to bring smiles onto many faces.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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