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Figure Review: Akemi Homura (Banpresto)

Following Madoka, we have Homura in her own Mahou Shoujo costume too! Homura's isn't that frilly and emphasizes more on sleek and cool than cute.

Look at that mark on her left hand!

First we will take a look at her base, which, similar to Madoka's is a simple white circle. A little more thought could be put into it, like printing the character's name or series title on the base. However, appearance aside, this base is doing a good job with holding the figure upright.

Posing and Assembly

We look at Homura from different angles and it is evident that she has a pretty good sculpt. Her pose is one of elegance and confidence, very much like her after looping many times. It is a good portrayal of how she ended up being.

Assembly is easy as usual for prize figures, which involves putting her onto the base. There are no extra parts for ther to worry about either.

Sculpting and Painting

From these images, we'll look at Homura's attire. The many different shades of matte colors help to bring her look together and give her a mysterious air. There are no paint flaws from afar but some of the lines aren't that clean close-up, but most of these mishaps happen at the back of the figure and aren't that visible.

The purple ribbon on her chest and her back have a considerable amount of shading, which is a good point. However, it also makes the rest of her outfit pale in comparison in the realm of shading. Her stockings catches light at the right areas, making it look very realistic.

Of course, we mustn't forget the light single layer of frills at the bottom of her dress which is sculpted in a way that gives it dynamic movement with the way it is lifted slightly.

 Homura's hair has a lot of movement to it as well and the ends of her hair isn't chunky, however, it isn't as thin like expected either. I'm glad that Homura's hair is flowing freely and matches well with her face, with her bangs being neither too long or too short. Her hairband is of a slightly different shade from her hair itself, but it might not be that visible in the photograph.

Something that I really dislike about this figure would be her ear, as you can see in the first image. It's slightly too huge and the sculpt of the inside of her ear (or lack of) does make her ear look like that of a monkey's.


Similar to Madoka, I would recommend her to anyone collecting to make a Homura shrine, but this figure isn't worth an expensive purchase or if you want to get a statement piece. The series is popular enough to get many better figures in the future, and has a lot of them now already. For a statement piece, perhaps getting one of her not in her Mahou Shoujo outfit would be better!

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