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Shin'nen no Monogatari. Hajime!

Well, I haven’t posted in a while. Sorry, had to deal with a few assignments and as I need to prepare for my shoot. 

Really Sorry...

Well, the winter anime has started rolling in with their first episode and some may have made a good first impressions. So with every new season, I picked out a list of those that I will stick to for three months. I may pick up other along the way depending on how it fares in the later weeks. Without further ado, let’s jump into it. And yes, it contains spoilers, but since it’s the first episode (mostly), it won’t really affect your experience much.

First, is a novel adaptation call Absolute Duo. I’ve already read the novel and also a bit of the manga last year, but never really expect it to get green lit for production. 

Kochi Mitte!
Anyways, it starts of where our protagonist meets the heroine in the typical cliché under the Sakura tree with its petals flying through the air. Well, the weather is windy for such a beautiful morning. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problems with it. Not yet though. And we then straight away jump into a battle where the students fight among each other, where the loser will have to leave school. A strict school I must say. Is every Japanese high school student expected to have battle experience? I really like the heroine, Julie. She’s so cute. Their homeroom teacher, Rito Tsukimi, 

strongly reminds me of Shinonono Tabane. 

and her...
I am not the only one right?

Next is the slightly long awaited second season of Aldnoah.Zero 2. With that cliffhanger that left so many hanging as it’s an original anime. What happened to Slaine after that shocking scene? Is the Asseylum alive? Is Inaho alive? And if he is, is he still emotionless? Well many answers were answered in the first episode. Slaine had an upgrade and became OP. Inaho also had an upgrade and became OP. He became more robot-like as well. Well, basically everyone that matters is alive for now. Looking forward to the battles ahead.

Next is a manga adaptation, which I’m sure you guys have heard for quite some time. Yes, it is indeed Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. I was really looking forward to it as I follow the manga closely. The voice actor for Koro-sensei really matches him well and I can’t help but laugh at his antics. And his confidence face just brings a smile to my face as it seems that he really can’t be killed but I am still rooting for the students. 

I like him and Nagisa...
I really hope they portray Karma well.

Next is Death Parade. I didn’t really know what to expect from it. 

This is so misleading...
I just read the synopsis and saw the pictures and decided to go for it. The opening theme was exuding fun and happy moments but it is so misleading. I didn’t expect anything related to death to be in the story. I thought it was just a group of people hanging out in a not so normal pub. Guess I should have taken the title as face value. Anyway, it’s still a good watch.

Dog Days season 3 follows after. Hmm… Don’t really know what to say about it as I am watching it just for the cute moments, sort of to “wash away” any dark or creepy or mind blowing scenes of other anime in this list. Quite like the first season. Second season not so much. Curious as to how the third will turn out so I’ll follow it to the end.

I guess many of you guys were waiting for this anime’s second season to arrive. Durarara is back! Yay! More Shizuo! More Izaya! More Celty! I have never read its novel so I am in the dark of what to expect and I’ll keep it that way. Had a few this season that I’ve spoiled myself with and I’d like to keep the numbers down. I sort of enjoyed it. The dialogues were a bit lengthy though but oh well. Moving on.

Hmm… Next is Isuca. 

A headlock for the pervert...
I was really excited to see it as I’ve read a bit of the manga but not so much that it’ll spoil me. Anyway, I forgot what I’ve read so it doesn’t matter. Well, the story setting is intriguing and there are quite a number of fan services, which is always a plus. I hope the story will be interesting. Or I could just read the manga again if I’m impatient.

Well, I’ll admit that the title was what caught my attention. It stands out a lot. Anyway, Junketsu no Maria or Maria The Virgin Witch starts off quite interestingly. I thought that she live in a castle but didn't expect her house to be in the forest similar to Shrek just without the signs or mud or the dirtiness. But wow, Maria sure is OP. A dragon out of a cauldron? No wonder their concoctions are always boiling.

Juuou Mujin Fafnir or Unlimited Fafnir is something that I just picked out of curiosity. I read the synopsis and find it interesting so here it is but I don't know if it will be worthy of watching throughout the season. Fingers cross.

Second season of Kamisama Hajimemashita has aired. Reason for picking it: I want to find out how their relationship progresses for the first season and will she become a capable deity/god. Really like the style of animation.

This is what I’ve been waiting for! It’s finally here! YES! I was disappointed when they move the airing from autumn to winter but it’s here already so I don’t care. I kinda watch the first episode before it even aired. It was floating around on Facebook so my impatience and curiosity got the better of me. 

My favourite part. YES!
Oh, and I read about the staff that are involved with the production. Gen Urobuchi or Uro-butcher is there. WHY?! No! Why are you doing this? A guest writer?! For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s responsible for Mami’s death in Madoka Magica and several others in other shows. A death in episode 3? That’s dark! Why? Why did you kill off Kisaragi?! She was practically raising death flags in that episode. Anyways, love how they portray the characters. Though, I’ve yet to see Akebono in it.

Up next, Koufuku Graffiti. Picked this out because I saw the picture it had and it look cute. I mean three girls with bento boxes and food. C’mon… I thought it would be a picnic surrounded by flowers. Anyway, this anime, to me, is like Shokugeki no Soma (so looking forward to it) but with no foodgasms, just blissful moments. Maybe I should consider them as appetizers before the main dish. Well, the food definitely looks delicious. Oh, and I love how they break the fourth wall.

Next is Saenai Heroine Sodate-kata. I was really excited when this was coming out. To make a heroine together with other heroines. It’s an interesting concept. I find the animation to be similar to Grisaia no Kajitsu with the red hues on the heroines’ eyelashes. 

and Michiru... You can see the similarity..?
I’ve read two of the mangas so I have a vague idea of what’s to come but I hope it’ll surprise me since there wasn’t much that was shown in it.

Okay… the next one is Seiken Tsukai no World Break. I really have nothing to say about it. Picked it out just by the looks and synopsis so it’ll be another surprise for me. Quite like the concept of past lives determines what your power is. Well, main character is OP, as usual, with two past lives. The only part that I don’t get is his hair. What is with those lines of white hair? Is he growing old? Well he is, I mean everybody is but he’s in high school and he has white hair. Even though I say that, I also have white hair. It is stress? Hey dude, are you stress? Is it due to the expectations they placed on you?

Following that is Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha. Really excited about this one cos of obvious reasons. Though was slightly disappointed as the first episode felt short. Felt like it was rushed. Maybe because I’ve read the manga and it felt longer there. Still enjoyed it nonetheless.

I was really excited when they announced it being animated last year. Yes! I finally get to see my favourite idol on screen. The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls makes it debut! I watched The iDOLM@STER and Xenoglossia, which were both different worlds, and quite liked it. There was also Puchimas! so I wasn’t bored of waiting. 

Egao des...
And now finally, I get to see Shibuya Rin on screen. Yatta!

And finally, Tokyo Ghoul Root A. A lot of people were waiting for this where we get to see Kaneki being OP. Yes, I’ve read the manga and also reading Tokyo Ghoul:re. Excited to see how the action will look like. Can’t wait till it arrives.

Oh, and I heard, or rather read, a very wonderful news recently. Denpa Kyoushi is finally getting an anime! YES! Finally! I really hope they animate the whole manga since it has finished. 

Music to my ears...
It’s airing this spring, which adds to the amazing lineup that I’m dying to see. Around two more months. I can do this…

Well, I guess that’s it. Going back to more assignments. I have to prepare for filming in a few days so bye.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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