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Cosfest XIII 2014 ~ Nana

Without a doubt, Cosfest is the biggest otaku event in summer (please ignore the fact that we have to face the sweltering heat every day of the year and pretend we actually have seasons). Well, discounting Funan Matsuri, which was a rousing success as well.

They say strength is in the numbers and this can be seen from this adorable pose

This is my second time going to July Cosfest, and since last year was a little boring for me, the larger crowd and higher number of merchandise booths were really welcome.

The first thing that greeted me was the crowd outside the venue. As the inside of D'Marquee is packed like a can of sardines, group cosplayers like to pose for photos outside! Of course, there is also more space for the giant groups of photographers to huddle around them. I personally like outdoor shooting, the colours are really natural and vibrant :)

 The Power Rangers, am I right?

This year, there are more booths than I remember from last year. The table ones are mostly those of fan merchandise. There were lots of badges, postcards, prints and keychains. I had already bought my fair share at anime matsuri so I browsed through pretty quickly. There were also doujinshi and mini figurines for sale.

I saw many people carrying Pan in the Box plastic bags leaving the venue. If I remember correctly, this was here last year too! Contary to the picture, the makeshift store was VERY crowded. I had to jostle a fair bit and gave up after awhile. I wish I could have taken a look at the figurines on the shelf at the back... It was a good thing I didn't manage to get in though. I don't think I would have been able to resist that hollow Ichigo mask!

Even cosplayers shop for merchandise too~ After all that walking around snapping photos, I got pretty tired and we sat down to watch some of the performances! My favourite was definitely the lady who rapped Bleach's very first opening theme! Ah what a wave of nostalgia... I fell really hard for the anime because of all the fighting scenes and this was definitely the best opening theme for me!

Everything small, from trinkets to badges to thrill you...

All these little cute merchandises pave the wonderful mood that I was experiencing

Cosfest@Downtown East is so super-packed that you have to wait to jostle in front of the booths.

These colourful badges seemed to be calling out to me...

Since this is a cosplay event, of course I took pictures of cosplayers! Here are some of my favourites:
I love love looooove the white wig!

The Pokemon ladies in their tight shorts succeeded in attracting me...
There is something about this group which move me..wait..yes, its their youthful energy and friendly faces that makes this world a better place! You can see that they are all very happy to be there. They should be my ambassadors to "Step out of the Otaku Closet"

The lady on the left is so beautiful.

 This coser's "Pacific Rim" costume. There are actually 4 blue LED projections coming out of the costume! I'd like to off all my room's lights and only turn on this costume! Kudos to the Coser!
This baby is so adorable. Cosplaying does not look at ages.

I was awed by the nice touch of the Graffiti wall where anyone with an artistic stroke are welcomed to draw on it. At one time, I saw at least 4 Otaku drawing on the wall.

Another thoughtful addition was the Coscard Wall. It looks like a "Wall of Fame" and any Coser can paste his or her own Coscard onto the wall. I take it as a platform for networking. Kudos to the organisers of Cosfest XIII.

The "Men and women in White" are busy displaying their Coscards and looking at others.

Is your Coscard happens to be in this picture. Drop us a line ya... ><

Spectacular detail in their costumes! Wish I wasn't so shy, should have asked for some closeup shots!


This is the first time I've seen dom/sub cosplay in Singapore!

She was one of my favourites! She's tall though~ I'm Levi's height and she's definitely a fair bit taller than me U_U

Speaking about tall... This Brook was the tallest! Including the hat, I'm sure he was over 2 metres tall.

I commend this cosplayer for braving the heat in this outfit!

There was no lack of Trafalgar Law that day as per usual, but this was the only genderbend one I spotted.

Looking at this picture, I feel like she has been cosplaying for a long time... She exudes a slight professionalism, doesn't she?

Personal favourite of the day. I think it's pretty true to the anime, with Haru's stoic face and Makoto's gentle smile. And they're both tall too! Wish I could leap through the photo to hug Makoto... Pssst, they're wearing super cute dolphin and whale shirts with their names inside their jackets!

That's it for my Cosfest coverage! Unfortunately I could not make it for Day 2 and I had arrived really late for Day 1 so it isn't very thorough. I did manage to catch Yuegene on stage! She's the reason why I went to Cosfest this year, although she was so far away I couldn't get a picture, nor did I spot Reika or Sara either T_T Well, there's always next time!

Written by Nana

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