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Happy Home Designer Game Revealed

I wanted to express my big gratitude to my other half, a gamer who bought me the game Happy Home Designer to cheer me up when I am feeling low. I saw the game for sale in Carousell but I  restrained myself from buying.  Firstly, I have watched a huge amount of videos about the game play and it started losing on me (watching people play Happy Home Designer has filled my desire to play the game myself).  Nevertheless, I was happy to receive the game even though I am quite knowledgeable. 
Previously I have written an article about this game before it was launched for public. There are so many answers which I am dying to know. Therefore, I have compiled those common questions which I have seen around the internet to guide the future owners of Happy Home Designer.

I saw bundle set of Happy Home Designer and just the game itself in the shop. Do I need to get the game in bundle which includes the amiibo reader or the game would suffice? 
Firstly, you will need to ask yourself if you have the amiibo reader by checking the version of your 3DS console. There is a built-in reader for all latest versions of 3DS.  Some of you may ask ‘how am I supposed to know my 3DS has the reader’ (I belong to this group too). Please refer to the image below. 
New 3DS will has a extra button on your right side and in the middle

If I get an amiibo card from the game. What do I do next? 
Every card will has a character on it and please treat this character as part of the game. I got a Tom Nook surprisingly. You can invite the character to pay a visit to the house or building which you have designed. Later in the game you will get an amiibo phone in your office after certain hours of game play. This phone will let you engage the amiibo card character into your office and they will let you design their place. (Inviting the character will require an amiibo reader for older version of 3DS consoles) Tip: Not to worry, the animals inside the game will teach you! 

Can I play the game without the amiibo card?  
It seems everyone is talking about the amiibo cards. People are posting their collections online at social media such as Facebook and Instagram especially. It makes you think that you need the cards but they are merely an add-on to the game. If you do not have an amiibo reader, it is still fine. You can still play the game.  
Where does furniture come from?  
I admit that I am quite skeptical about this game. Compare to its previous predecessor, in Animal Crossing: New left as a mayor, we have to purchase items with money to decorate our own house. With this new title, it seems that money is not an issue nor required. Every time you are given a task to decorate a place, you will have access to the unlimited furniture. Some items are unlocked in a specific building and from then, you will have them for your next house design planning. 
Adding ceiling items
Infinite items to decorate your client's house
Now you can choose your own flooring and wallpaper. No more that Saharah guy!

Should I purchase this game? 
Yes absolutely! The AC teams have done a great job into creating this game for people like me who love to decorate the house with details. Now you can open the window, change the design and the curtains. It is amazing to feel that you have so much control over the house design and patterns. You can decorate a school, a shop or even a hospital! Villagers will flock into the building with their activities. I was in awe to find an animal acting as a teacher and other animals sitting in the classroom for a lesson. In addition, when you try to interact with an item or furniture, your character will react to it. I was pleasantly shocked and I took many screenshots to show to my gamer friends (Reading action is shown when you approach a pile of books). 
P/s: I love the food decorations so much!! Now I can put a kettle on the stove! 
If you have any other questions about the game, please leave it at comment section and I will reply as soon as possible! 
Happy designing!   
Photos credit: Images belongs to its respective website. If the images belong to you, please let me know.
Written By SnoringSeal

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