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First impression: Durarara!!x2 “承”

In between my busy schedule, I like to take time out to watch anime to relax. While I usually watch many series, recently I've had to cut down. After waiting so long, Durarara is back, so naturally I chose it!

DRRR season 1 is remembered fondly as an anime that confused the heck out of me. When it first aired was a period where I was starting to move out of my anime comfort zone. At that point, starting with DRRR was both too much and too little! Too much because it was a sudden change, with a refreshing non-cliche concept that didn't stick to the typical recipe of all the anime I was used to watching back then. It was also too little because I expected it to be more... Well, for lack of better word, exciting. I mean, I started off pretty sure it was focused on a headless supernatural being, so I was expecting to be on edge. That's not to say it wasn't dynamic though. The gradual weaving of everyone's stories made for very intriguing episodes! Nevertheless despite the rocky start DRRR won me over quite easily and I have been very excited for season 2 ever since it was announced.

From 2010 to 2015, it's been five long years for fans of DRRR and if you've been apprehensive, I'm here to say WATCH IT! Don't wait any longer, start on DRRR x2 now! This new season is brought to you by developed relationships, new characters and therefore, new stories!

1) The emergence of couples

Domestic, and cute.

I was slightly surprised by Celty and Shinra! After all, Celty seemed very like a free spirit the first time she appeared, the independent lady who has adapted well to modern society. Shinra just seemed adorkable but creepy. Now, I find their relationship really cute! From Celty trying to "seduce" him to Shinra saying the wrong thing and getting punished, an unnatural relationship eased into a comfortable one.

Jeez Mikado, why do you often look so sheepish?

Less surprising though was Anri and Mikado. Even if they deny officially dating, they're together so frequently and blush at each other's name/presence. It's endearing how shy they seem. Ah, young love~

2) New characters

Look familiar? They're Izaya's twin sisters!

So many new characters! The ones that stood out most to me are Izaya's younger sisters! They're twins and they've decided on their "roles" early on. The eccentric-looking one whose character is a shy and quiet girl, and the bookworm who, simply put, is actually kinda crazy. With their unique characters and thus far unique actions, they seem pretty cryptic to me. I'd like to see them mess with their older brother, that's for sure!

The wholesome-looking unwholesome guy?

Aoba, Mikado's kouhai, also stood out for me because his personality seems quite calculated. I thought he was plain at first, but now I have a hunch he's an eccentric fellow who's more manipulative than he lets on.

3) New stories

Strange hair, but Ruri pulls it off.

Hollywood the serial killer is yet another new character. However, on her own, I find Ruri slightly bland. More interesting is her developing relationship with Kasuka. I always found Shizuo's younger brother interesting with his unreadable face. As fellow actors, I wonder how this scandal will rock the world of the other characters? We already know it has devastated Izaya's sisters who are huge fans, but what about Shizuo who was the one that injured Ruri in the first place, leading his brother to find her? Also, Celty finds a kindred soul in Ruri, who's also called a "monster"?! Celty's excitement was adorable!

Just like season 1 has been, everyone is starting to link with a glimmer of spider web thread!

4) The return of our favourite troublemakers

Durarara's incomplete without our fighting duo!

Who else but Shizuo and Izaya? I must say, Izaya has been too quiet the first few episodes. I miss his mischievous meddling! Well, that makes him sound a lot less dangerous than he can be, but he does look like he's having fun brokering information and getting into people's heads, does he not?

Well ouch...

My favourite character is Shizuo! It was love at first throw of the vending machine/trashcan. Anyway, I really miss the good ol' days of Shizuo chasing and hurling things after Izaya, so I hope they get to meet soon!

Meanwhile, I'll end this off with a ridiculously adorable hotpot-eating Shizuo. Seeya next time!

Written by Nana

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