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Kuroko no Basuke One Coin mini figure collection

Stuck at home again due to another bout of illness... However I received a new set of figurines that cheered me up greatly! So you've got to once again pardon me for lousy lighting since I unboxed this one at night, although I used a bright lamp to ensure the colour would be accurate. And without further ado, tadah!

Now, I have one figurine from Kotobukiya, a female, of course illustrated by Tony Taka. For this chibi series however, I have no idea as to who the sculptor is, and the only clue about the artist is that he is called Sakurai (you might remember there is one character sharing the same name in the KnB series!). Honestly, I didn't even realise Kotobukiya did more than female figurines... It was released early this year.

I'm sure everyone knows about Gashapon right? You buy individual balls and hope to collect the full set. In Japan, this is no different, except it is in box form. The box form ones tend to be more expensive as they are usually more detailed. At departmental stores and toy shops, they will display them in the larger box with the series displayed prominently so buyers know which ones to choose from. There are also shops that pre-open some of them so you can select the ones you are still looking for, but of course these are much pricier than the ones you have to pick and hope for the best. One very popular anime for this sort of box "gashapon" is none other than One Piece! Of course, you can buy the entire box if you want to, which is what I did. I have not seen the entire set for sale in stores though, so either the fans have very quickly made away with it, or these are online exclusives.

In general they contain an information sheet in addition to the figure. This is the first series where I have received them wrapped up in bubble wrap! It certainly protects the figurines very well, but get quite tedious to unwrap.

The information sheets tell you how the head is joined to the body with a new method, and also has advertisements for small display cases.

Aptly, Kuroko is the first character I unwrap. I was blown away from the cuteness. It's even more adorable than the illustration. Those mochi cheeks will be the death of me *_*

All the characters have a dent on the back of their heads...

... to attach the metal bar to. Turns out the heads are magnetic! I like this idea as I'd rather a dent at the back of their heads, which is not obvious, than a hole through their backs, which can be ugly and obvious if it was not done properly, not to mention how awkward the painting there would be.

All assembled! The base is cute too! A mini half-court paired with his Seirin jersey makes Kuroko look all geared up for a match. Speaking about his jersey, the painting job amazes me. The figurines are all tiny but the painting is on point, with no paint spilling onto somewhere they are not supposed to. Even the words are painted accurately without wavy lines. Most of all, look at the amazing gradient on his hair!

Here they all are! Kise's wink is killer, I can see why he gets all the ladies! The illustrator managed to let them keep their characteristic expressions despite the limitation of them being chibi. As you can see, this set includes the entire Generation of Miracles, Kagami, as well as Hyuuga and Takao.

The fact that they detailed their glasses down to the shape is amazing! Clutch time Hyuuga looks a lot less intimidating in this form too. As I've stopped taking photos at this point, here are the promotional images for this set! You can see how they've improved with the final version I have, with the notably shorter magnetic rod.

Well, there you have it. I'll share the other collections soon ^_^

Written by Nana

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