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Figure Unboxing and Review: Super Sonico's 10 Year Anniversary Figure - Wedding Sonico!

Can you guess who this is... ... 

Yes, it's Super Sonico!
Similar to how Hatsune Miku celebrated her 10 year anniversary with songs and figures, Sonico is also given a figure for her ten year anniversary, and it is her first figure in a wedding dress! As much as I dislike how revealing it turned out to be (can't she have a proper wedding dress?), it's Sonico that we're talking about and I always wanted to have one figure of her (most of hers are too lewd for my tastes) and what's a better memento than this particular one?


Her box comes in two parts--an outer paper casing and a box with a window on the inside. For the paper casing, you'll find an illustration that inspired this figure (image above), as well as several different shots and highlights of the figure on the back (image below).
After sliding the paper casing off, you'll reveal the proper cardboard box that Sonico is in. And the following four images show the different sides of the box. You will also see the plastic windows at the front and back on the box and they are painted with gold grids to add to the atmosphere of the tranquility and elegance that a church wedding would have.

Straight out of the box, Sonico is extremely heavy and although she appears to come assembled, there is actually a lot of manipulation required in order to put the other accessories in place. Her assembly is a long and tedious process which I would cover in another article, especially since she also comes with a cast-off option, so let's move on for the review in this article!
She comes with a pretty large base, which includes a red stairway and a gold ornament that is held up by a metal pole. These are placed behind and below Sonico in the blister pack.
The red stairway base is gorgeous and carpeted. The texture resembles that of a red carpet as well. At the front of the stairway is a peg for Sonico to connect to, and at the back (near the stars) is a hole which you can insert the metal pole holding up the gold ornaments to.
The feather-like wings on the gold ornament is incredibly detailed and has multiple layers of sculpting. In addition, all three wings on the same side are different and thus, creates symmetry that matches the other half.
The stars are on a chain that ends in a circle which you can hook onto the main golden ornament. Due to how shallow the hook is, the stars are likely to fall when transporting the figure so be sure to exercise caution for these. The stars are all metallic and slightly reflective, which adds a very nice touch to the matte main golden ornament.
This is the entirety of the base all set-up. The metal pole is completely covered when Sonico is assembled in front of it, which makes it look a lot better than its bare self now.


Sonico comes with an additional flower bouquet that you can have her hold to complete the wedding look. There are three different colors to the bouquet, white, blue and yellow, and these colors really contrasts well against the deep green of the stems. The green stems also have a slight gradient to it, and the general matte feel of the bouquet contrasts really well against the pearl white paint of the ribbon on the bouquet and her wedding outfit.
Her other accessory would be this other faceplate, which has her eyes closed and lips pursed, the likely pose for a wedding kiss scene! However, I'm too much in love with Sonico's eyes to have her in this faceplate so I wouldn't be showcasing it here c:


The main weight of Sonico herself is easily balanced out by the weight of her skirt part. The metal peg placed into the peg might not be a 100% protection against leaning issues in the future, though I do hope that GSC did take that into account when planning and manufacturing this figure.

For now, let's take a simple 360 of Sonico after she's assembled and then zoom in to view individual parts of this figure that I love!

 From the simple series of images, you can see the amount of details that went into sculpting the flow of material of her veil and skirt, the gradient from purple to white in the underskirt part, and the patterns and ruffles at the hem of the skirt.
From the front, we see that the lace and ribbon around Sonico's chest is detailed and cleanly painted. There are no paint spills and it is even sculpted with a slightly tight look to illustrate the resistance from Sonico's voluptuous chest. The pearl paint on the cloth parts that goes over her chest area are large enough to realistically cover her nipples, and even has the sculpt to "show" what is underneath.
Her gloves end with lace bits at her upper arms and the curve at her elbow also show realistic and detailed creases and shading. Although the base color for her outfit is white, I love how they mix in bits of blue and purple in their shading, as well as accent with yellow and blue flowers. 
And as always, Sonico can only be Sonico if she comes with her headphones. The design is kept accurate and the metallic silver and matte black resembles that on a headphones. It would be nice if we get to see her ears for once, but after so many illustrations and figures, and even her ten year anniversary, there's definitely no hope for that now.
The garterbelt that pins onto her stockings can be removed and is an essential part of casting this figure off. 
Also, I really really love the underside of her skirt! Her shoes are also a pleasure to look at since they took the effort to include pearl paint that gives it a slightly different feel from the stockings underneath and we also get to see where the straps are. Her stockings are also skin tight and show where the ankles are--a very small detail but amazing all the details.
There's two layers to her skirt. The upper layer is mainly white with a lavender tint to its underside. The bottom layer is slightly blue/purple and has an even more vibrant purple shade for its underside!

The upper layer has a hem of cute ruffles but the pattern of the cutouts at the bottom layer is even more intricate and amazing!

Sonico's hand isn't attached to her skirt, so do remember to fit the lifted up part of her skirt in between her fingers, or it'll appear awkward! The flow of the material up to her fingers and down from there also feels so natural, making the material appear extremely lightweight. 
As usual, Sonico's hair goes with a gradient, from a lighter to a darker pink. There are four flowers with a mass of green leaves below that are painted with a light glossy paint as opposed to the matte pastels for the flowers. These flowers are actually placed directly above her headphones and are attached directly to her veil too.
There are also a yellow and a blue flower on either side of her waist to embellish her skirt. Her stockings come with a line of ruffles and a sculpted and painted elastic band. Her lingerie here is attached to her skirt part, and when you choose to cast this figure off, you would replace the chunky skirt part with ribbons, to complete the look of lingerie tied at either side of her waist.

Either way, my copy comes with a slight gap at the skirt/string part that doesn't close fully no matter how hard I push on it. It isn't very noticeable at most angles, but do make it a point to note this down before you actually purchase this figure.

As mentioned before, this figure is also quite tedious to assemble despite the lengthy instructions, and while I would make a separate article detailing this, you might not like assembling this figure if you are not one for slowly putting things together.

Sculpting ★★★★
Painting ★★★★
Base ★★★
Pose ★★
Assembly ★★
Worth-it ★★

Overall ★★★★

~ Reina-rin

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