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Seiyuu ka!

I'm not sure if I'd ever mentioned this, but one of my dreams is to become a voice actor (seiyuu). My love letter (kind of) to Kino Hime of the manga series 'Seiyuu ka!' mirrors much of what I have wished for, even though my initial dream was to have a stint with a radio station. Quite unfortunately, opportunities are pretty much nondescript in a country where its creative and media industries mostly remind artists of droughts and barren fields. Interestingly, there used to be a school somewhere for aspiring voice actors yet that wasn't able to sustain. Unless there is a genie who could grant wishes, a lot of things would remain hidden inside people's dreams.

The limitless universe of voice acting and voice actors continues to intrigue me with its generous portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes and such. 'Seiyuu ka!' starts off from the greenhorn's perspective since Day One, and unveils the aggressive, competitive nature of the voice acting department. Hime-chan struggles with yet gradually pulls through the intensive lessons which are required of her and her friends to get their grades back up. Those lessons are pretty vast, some of which I didn't realise are essentials for aspiring voice actors. The eye-openers include tongue twisters, which sound even more twisting (?) than those in English or Chinese! Does anybody have any idea what this entire string of words mean - Jugemu jugemu Gokuu no Surikire, Shuuringan no Guurindai, Guurindai no Ponpokopii, Ponpokonaa no Choukyuumei no Chosukesan? Because I don't. The Taiwanese edition did translate that whole lot though.

A friend used to ask if I had ever recorded and played back my voice. Yeah, but only for the fun of it. On the other hand, the odd radio drama course that I had the opportunity to attend eons ago was the closest that I had gotten my voice 'professionally' recorded. It was through a simple recording set-up in the middle of a room with the master trainer on one end overlooking the computer and such. Unfortunately, that was all the course had for my keepsake. There was no door leading to paradise. Why the radio drama course in the first place then? If only the situation had been something like what Hime-chan, Tsukino, Shou and Mitchi (well, technically he was still part of the team despite chickening out last minute) experienced - the lunchtime broadcast otherwise known as the showdown between the gang and some arrogant second-years featuring the classic Snow White. Even though behind all that interesting re-interpretation was sheer panic, honestly I envied them.

The universe mirrors a considerable part of my elaborate dream. Hime-chan's unwavering determination in pursuing her seiyuu dream has never stopped resonating with my heart. While studying abroad isn't totally impossible, however there should be more easily attainable alternatives available in time to come. Either that, or the industries over here continue to remain stagnant. Eventually, Hime-chan's ultimate dream gets realised alongside her friends'. I'm praying that the effect of that happiness keeps on for as long as it could, for someday I hope that my own ultimate happiness would finally be in sync with all the goodness that 'Seiyuu ka!' has bestowed on me.

Hmm, I wonder why this manga hasn't caught the eyes of any animation studio yet. I believe that the series could stretch its influence and wonder beyond people's hearts. If there could be an anime about anime (yeah, go figure), there should also be one about the voice actors and their craft! As mentioned, the universe is limitless.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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