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Sneek peek on mobile phones

Everyone love to see their favourite anime character everytime they reach for their phone. So I asked a bunch of my fans in facebook to show me what their wallpaper is like in the home/lock screen mode. Here are some wallpapers from folks around the world. Kinda of interesting to find out what kind of apps they had downloaded too. ><

Hecarim from League of Legends. I like the word "GLOBE" on the top left of the screen. I believe the owner is using Globe mobile networks in the Philippines.

This belongs to a Korean folk. While I can read Japanese, I'm totally clueless to the Korean language.

 This wallpaper has a "Space" feel. Lovely ^^

Cool wallpaper of Bleach Ulquiorra. Who loves him?

Rem, one of the most popular girl in 2016.

Anyone remember this neko? It's from Azumanga Daioh. Classic! "Flappy Bird"? I wonder what kind of app is that?

Fan of Yaoi?

Wow, 593 naggy notifications from Facebook ^_* This chap is pretty popular I guess.

Gonna have to clear some emails mate, or filter them as spam.

I see some interesting anime apps there ^^

Yuri on Ice is so trending now.

I love this this Nightmare Before Christmas wallpaper. Very colourful! Movistar network by Telefonica S.A. Probably a Spanish otaku.

Beautiful One Piece wallpaper but the apps may be hard to find.

That's Ben drowned in creepypasta

Pretty cool Wolf wallpaper drawn by Katie Price herself

Kabaneri of the iron fortress. Or Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. Cool stuff!

Finally, this is my phone with Miwa Haruka's wallpaper. I'm looking at her everyday and it brightens my day. So what's yours?

Written by Max

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