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A Letter To Shinobu and Alice

Dear Shinobu and Alice,

The anime's second season of your creator Hara Yui's four-panel 'Kiniro Mosaic' had premiered, yet it is only of late that I have been truly acquainted with the series since the manga made its debut a little more than four years ago. Even though I did watch rather briefly the previous season, the experience was clearly not adequate to trigger the slightest affection for anything. Nonetheless, I still remember the day you girls met for the first time in England. The fateful homestay where much had been conveyed beyond the language barrier. Who could have imagined that a repetition of 'Hello' and 'Konnichiwa' between two vastly different personalities would lay down a strong foundation of a beautiful friendship several years later? I'm glad that both of you have found each other back in Japan.

It's amazing that Alice has studied Japanese and made the decision to study high school in Japan. Coincidentally, you girls are also classmates. I hope Shinobu's little circle of friends hasn't overwhelmed you much, Alice. As for Karasuma-sensei, she would probably never pose a rivalry threat or anything else that seems wavering. Shinobu simply adores her teacher as she is. Look at the cute, little things drawn on your graded test. Your presence has brought a lot of curious joy and schweet air into the class. Hmm, I suppose that it also helps to be tiny. Hold that hairpin please. Speaking of which, the hairpin looks awfully suitable as a substitute for half a pair of chopsticks. Erm, was that Alice's hairpin that just whizzed past my vision?! Jeez. Anyway, it helps to be cute in any form imaginable. I happen to second the idea of the doll's showcase. Wait, so that was meant to be a joke (as well)?

Oh, I almost forgot. I have started reading the manga recently as an effort to be more fluid in my selections, and a catalyst for more innovation in terms of artistic expression. The latter would probably seem more probable (?) since the paperback mountain in my room is still anything but fluid. Anyway, it was all thanks to the short yet memorable glimpse of the first season that sparked off the beginning of a small but glowing light of interest. The blossoming light over time has led me to where you girls have planted those seedlings. Shinobu, hopefully someday you would be able to effectively understand what Alice had said in English (even though she had written a romaji version of the letter). I believe that you can do that someday. If Alice had braved through such a challenging hurdle, you would be able to as well. Erm, Alice, it would definitely be more helpful to have carried the photo which you girls took back in England. That wooden doll is...well, a little like Shinobu I suppose, but still it's creepy!

It would be fun to share a few of my favourite moments from the first tankoubon. Sorry, I'm quite the slow reader sometimes. Hmm, does it help that I have bought all five volumes to date in the series? Yeah, I'm aware that a sixth book has been scheduled. Anyway, I was tickled by the supermarket episode where Alice had been tasked to get some ingredients for dinner. As a schweet gesture, Shinobu had made the shopping list easier to understand for Alice. However, I didn't expect that the names would be substituted with cute drawings! That carrot really looked like what Bugs Bunny would eat. Naturally (?), humans would probably do with something less cute? Anyway, I applaud you girls (not forgetting Aya and Youko) for wanting to help Alice integrate better into the country.

Hopefully, I would be able to catch up with the rest of the adventures as I sign off my letter. Thank you for enriching my reading habits. I love you.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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