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6 Horror Situations That You Wouldn't Want To Be Stuck In

Anything remotely horror is often something that one does in near-absolute solitude, since a lot of people tend to flee at the mere mention of it. Sure, horror is an acquired taste. The idea of living out a horror movie situation is even more acquired, and that is what I am attempting to talk about today! Don't worry, the images below aren't the slightest scary...

Situation #1: A Horde of Zombies on the street!
Tried and tested more than a million times (and counting), zombies remain one of the most sought after groups in mainstream horror. Traditionally, zombies should be fairly easy to counter. That is, if they remain slow and...slow. Apparently, zombies have long become capable of more stuff that would make humans a lot edgier. Nonetheless, the survival rate for this one still measures a few notches higher.

Situation #2: Meeting Kuchisake-Onna (The Slit-Mouthed Woman)!
If your luck is just so bad that something like Kuchisake-Onna would actually cross your path out of the blue, say a little prayer before wriggling out of the situation. Don't run off blindly, and I mean it! I suppose you could stall for time while frantically thinking of alternatives to deal with her. If nothing else seems to help, just fight her like in a video game grab her pair of scissors forcefully, and [beep beep beep]...

Situation #3: Sadako crawling out of your television!
Nope, you can't kick her head back into where she came from. Don't even try to pull out the plug, because this sort of thing only happens when your television is completely off. Remember, you are living out a curse here! There isn't time to copy that video for your friend or something, so the best bet would be to kick her repeatedly onto the ground to prevent her iconic death glare. Then, just run away from home (?) on a really fast bike...

Situation #4: Stuck inside the elevator with the Ghost Girl from Dark Water!
My condolences in advance.

Situation #5: Encountering Teke Teke!
This would heavily depend on how you go home at night, because Teke Teke only appears at very specific locations. Teke Teke became what it is now due to a horrific accident on the railway, so you may wish to avoid taking the train home. But I am sure most of us know that it wouldn't be that simple anyways, so be prepared to run your ass off! Run really, really, really fast! Oh wait, just hop on a bike and dash off! You should be fine, I think?

Situation #6: Cornered by Onibaba!
This one is too easy. I mean, compared to the others this is indeed a piece of cake! Technically, Onibaba is still pretty much human despite its name and appearance, therefore the quickest way is to just tear off the demon mask forcefully! Yeah, use both hands if you have to! Your ears might go deaf from its painful howling though, but for your survival please just bear with it! The demon mask is actually cursed, so removing it from Onibaba would also end its prolonged torment. The best of luck for this one!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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