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Catching Up - Blowing off steam, My Boss My Hero and Preparations...

Here's another catching up post! I have been busy with schoolwork so I have not watched any latest episode of any anime for the past week. I narrowly avoided being spoiled by my friend in school and Facebook is swarming with it. 

I am disappoint...
So here I am, starting this post on what I find to be disappointing this season. Haiz..

First up is Denpa Kyoushi. Yup. I am pretty sure that some of you guys out there are disappointed in it. Of course everyone have their own take on it but my expectations for it were so high when it was announced in the manga. The animation isn’t really what I expect it to be. Some of the voice actors aren’t what I imagine it to be, especially Kagami Suzune’s. 

Her voice is just no...
It sounds like someone had pinched the voice actor’s nose when she speaks. I just can't bring myself to enjoy it. 

I am trying my best to like it....
Now, I’m pushing continuing watching it as I don’t think it is worth the wait.

Adding to that is not much nice opening and ending songs this season. There are a few that are nice but majority don’t stand out as much. I just feel like this season is a bit underwhelming. Or maybe I am drifting away from anime? Another possibility is being overwhelmed by schoolwork. 

Since I am holding an important role in the group, it is putting a lot of pressure on me. This season really isn’t good for me. My hopes were brought so high by a lot of things but it still are shun out by the little depressing stuff. Pessimistic FTW!

Moving along, I managed to squeeze in a J-Drama while juggling paperwork and camera work. It was something I chanced upon on after watching Kamen Teacher. “My Boss My Hero” is a comedy drama about a yakuza who is send to school and graduate with a certificate in order to take over his father’s position as the boss. The show is hilarious! The jokes and antics might seem simple but it works well. The various facial expressions the main character has are priceless! 

This is GOLD!
I showed it to my family and they broke out in laughter. I really love it. Even though its funny, it has parts in the film where it really makes you think on your life, especially your youth. There are a lot of lessons you can learn from it and also valuable knowledge you can bring home with you. 

This part is just amazing. If only teachers taught me this way in primary school...
I really recommend you guys to watch it. It’s quite an old series but it was really worth it.

Now… I have not much time left… Internship starts next week and I have not even finished my planned anime schedule during my break on March and April. Heck, I’ve stop watching anime for a few days and my friend is already trying to spoil me with it. 

This has been quite a stressed week with research upon research and shooting upon shooting and its finally ending TOMORROW! Three days to relax and marathon… is what I like to say but… I have an exam for my religious class on Sunday and I have not yet studied anything. I just need to pass this… if possible… I want to continue playing Lost Song and finish it… I want to go cycling… 

Two more days...
I want to watch Jurassic World… I want to catch up with my sleep… So many things I want to do and yet, so little time. Haiz…

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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