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Shin Godzilla

So, something spectacular happened to the nation within 50 seconds and changed history. Parks and other usually quiet places turned into hotspots for monster-hunting and changed history. Suddenly, people were talking about changing history. I just wanted some peace.

Let's talk about a different type of monster, shall we? In the midst of all that changed history, I saw a little promotion for an upcoming movie. Yeah, some of you may have seen it too. Shin Godzilla! Yeah, this time we are getting it directly from Japan. Never mess with the origin, people! Gosh, if you readers have been following us since a little more than two years ago, I'm certain that some of you have read a series of my write-ups on the Godzilla franchise over time. I love that monster and his arch enemies! No two fights are the same, and everything just looks awesome.

The newest movie revisits the roots of this fearsome monster. Yeah, that means no second monster is involved in the catastrophe. It is a pure battle between Japan and Godzilla. While it is nice to honour one's roots and such, I feel that something essential is also missing in the process. My experience watching the Godzilla movies was heightened by the presence of other monsters which made everything more gripping and interesting. I don't know if I would be catching Shin Godzilla after all, but I have to say that the movie is a faithful return. I mean, it is by Toho.

Shin Godzilla will premiere in Singapore on the 25th of August. Its Japanese premiere happened late last month. Just look at some of the wonderful stuff that Japan had come up with! Imagine Godzilla attempting to do some shopping...well, nobody would be around anyway! The building would have been trampled, leaving no visible traces of anything which could be buyable. Gosh, just the thought of that is hilarious.

Ah, I would love to have some of these! A fast food joint known as Lotteria collaborated with Shin Godzilla and came up with a series of cute, mouth-watering items! French fries, Chicken Karaage and Gelatin! Ah, how I wish that I was in Japan. Somebody should really consider opening a Godzilla-themed cafe or something over here. A tie-in would be nice too. On the other hand, I should probably just dig out those good old memories. 

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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