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Gakkou Gurashi!

This may sound cliche to many, but imagine starting another chapter of your daily life with the usual, mundane activities and not having to burn your brains out over difficult situations. That shouldn't be a problem anyway, but what if your routine is actually a manifestation of something delusional? Worse, your state of oblivion is heightened even as you become increasingly aware of the truths. What would you do? In any case, life still has to move on. I have stumbled upon this interesting series recently, and after reading up on what it is really about, the annoying little voice in my head urged me to give this title a try. Welcome to Gakkou Gurashi!!

I have to say that I was initially deceived by the cuteness of those girls, particularly the main protagonist Takeya Yuki. Just look how awfully adorable and dreamy she is donning those girlish accessories! I like the little bear hair clip at the side of her hair where a cat-shaped hat fits right over. Yuki belongs to the School Living Club which was spearheaded by one of the teachers. She begins the day at the club with three other girls and a little pet dog - a shiba inu named Taroumaru. Basically, the School Living Club attempts to cultivate life skills and such of all members, and interestingly there is a little garden of vegetables and such on the rooftop. Oh yeah, as the title suggests the girls also reside in the school building. Why is that so?

You see, in reality those girls are in the midst of fighting for survival in a zombie apocalypse, and they are the only survivors left in the entire school. However, Yuki's mind disintegrates as a result of the outbreak, and her perspective of school life pretty much remains how she saw it before. She continues to attend classes, banters with her classmates, apologises for causing trouble, and so on. The twist gradually unfolds as a fellow member, Naoki Miki gives away subtle hints like her perplexed reactions towards Yuki's actions and behaviour. The revelation is undoubtedly breathtaking, but what is even more shattering is the timely contrast as the view retreats to an oblivious Yuki standing against the devastating condition of the school.

The other girls simply play along with Yuki's condition, while keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings and such. Wakasa Yuuri oversees the food and maintenance of the club. She also tends to the little garden on the rooftop. Ebisuzawa Kurumi is Yuki's best friend, and the manual labourer of the group due to her athleticism and such. Kurumi is easily identified by the shovel which she carries over her shoulder as a defence against zombies. Then, there is Miki as well, who worries about Yuki in her own way. She is an avid reader. Oh, Miki happens to be the youngest, since she is a second-year (the rest are all seniors).  

I really appreciate the contrast of reality and delusion which gives the anime a refreshing, much lighter approach to the zombie genre. Frankly, I wouldn't have guessed any secrets at all just by looking at the cute art. It also helps to have equally cute theme songs! I'm so putting Gakkou Gurashi! on my list!  

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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