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Blood, Murder and Detective.

Every anime fans will have the same feeling as I feel currently. Such feeling occurs whenever an anime has ended and there is nothing to watch anymore.  I am sad when Shokugeki no Soma, Monster Musume, and other animes which I have been watching since months ago have ended. I cannot wait for the new season for those animes to begin. In the meantime I have searched for others to watch based on their popularity. Normally I choose one based on my gut feeling during the search period. I have chosen Ranpo Kitan based on its story line and reviews. I will need a different genre to balance my anime list. (In my bookmark list, I have nearly 50 animes but most of it has been there for almost a year.) 

This anime was aired on 3 July to 18 September 2015. I was surprised when this show was not popular as the others. To be honest, investigation and murder anime nowadays will never beat Detective Conan for its plot and storyline. The rating for Ranpo Kitan is pretty decent at 6.9/10.

In this anime, a boy named Kobayashi from a middle school is the protagonist who has taken interest in Akechi, a genius detective. He has helped him in several murder cases which involve dismembered body, missing girls and other cruel methods of killing people. I have become a truly otaku when I do not feel surprise at the creator’s taste anymore.  A true anime fan will understand where does a bishonen comes from. For such character, it usually comes with a sidekick who secretly likes him as a guy.
Every murder case is interesting but I have a feeling that I have seen it somewhere through other anime. The way they explain the killer’s objective and method are cute too which prompt me to continue the episodes. (I was eating my lunch when the character explained how he killed a person by cutting off the head and other parts of the body).
 If you are looking for some thrill puzzle but not gory anime, do give Ranpo Kitan a chance. Now bring out your detective inner side while watching this!
 For other detective and investigation anime, you will not miss GoSick when the official poster featuring an almost doll-like girl with a very long blonde hair and emerald eyes in a gothic lolita dress. Victorique de Blois is her name and she possesses an advanced level of intellect which she has inherited from her mother, who is rumored to have come from a village with supernatural powers.
The story centers on Kazuya Kujo, who is a transfer student to St. Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage. There he meets a brilliant girl dubbed The Golden Fairy, who spends her day reading inside the library. This nickname is given to Victorique for her long blonde hair and her facial features. Kazuya is amazed with her intelligence and ability to solve various complicated murder and high stakes investigation. She assists her brotherGrevil de Blois, who is a detective in Sauville Police.

Gosick aired on 7 January 2011 to 2 July 2011 and consisted of 24 episodes in total. 

I have been watching Fall 2015 anime and they are great at the moment.  The waiting period for every episode is slowly killing me. This is the right time to appreciate older anime. Occasionally they astonish me with a terrific story line and mesmerizing characters development. A superb anime will be able to break my emotion with their plots. I have completed one show recently and it breaks my heart when the sister died suddenly in just one episode. (I know I am silly to cry over an anime character).
I usually watch anime which has a good story line and to laugh to my heart’s content! (Going to the dark side now).

Written by SnoringSeal

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