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Figure Unboxing and Review: Tenshi/Tachibana Kanade II (Good Smile Company)

To All,

Recently, there's another surge of Angel Beats! products and I'm hoping that more figures of the show would come out!

Previously I reviewed another one of Good Smile Company's Tenshi's figures and today I'd like to comment on another one of their Tenshi figures and hopefully be able to insert some of my comparisons between the two different Tenshi figures.

Box 8/10
Her box itself isn't made out of sturdy material as compared to the Summer dress Tenshi figure. For this figure, it's mainly the blister keeping her snugly in [;ace from any damage. However, I mentioned previously that I'd like some windows to showcase Tenshi in her box, and so I'm glad that this box has windows. In fact, she has windows on every side except the bottom and back of her box -- making some windows redundant as you can't really see anything from the window on the top of her box.
Unlike the other Tenshi, this one also displays her back view on the box itself. However, I must admit that this Tenshi's back view doesn't look nearly as impressive to me. 

But I really do like the gradient on her wings, going from white to translucent. I wish that this gradient was also a part of the previous Tenshi scale!

Base 6/10
Her base does a good job at holding the figure steadily in place and doesn't draw attention away from the figure itself.

A transparent base is obviously better than a plain black or white circle but I hope I'm not greedy for hoping that her base could be something more integral with the figure itself.

Posing and Assembly 7/10
Her pose is simple and something about her pose and face makes it seem like she's desperately trying to protect something which she holds dear. She feels almost melancholic to me.

Again, her wings is probably the only problem you might face when you're assembling her. And once again, this figure looks amazing both with and without her wings, so you might rather pose her without her wings if you are aiming to save space.

Sculpting and Painting

Strangely, although I like how the other Tenshi's wings are folded on one side and spread out on the other, I absolutely adore how this Tenshi figure has both wings nearly symmetrical.
Also, I realize how awkward and stiff the sculpt of her skirt looks. Personally, it looks as if she has a fan under her and it's blowing her skirt up, but there's this part of her skirt at her abdomen that isn't affected at all. I wish the billowing of her skirt could be extended higher (perhaps to the bottom of her blazer) so it'll look more natural and not like her skirt just started billowing out nonsensically from a random spot in the middle.

Enjoyment 9/10

Other than her skirt, I generally love all the other details in this figure, especially the gradient on the wings.
For comparison to the other Tenshi figure also by Good Smile Company, I prefer the face and painting of the wings in this Tenshi figure, but I prefer the hair and clothes sculpt  and painting of them in the other Tenshi figure instead.

From Your Fellow Collector,

Written by Reina-rin

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