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Nanoblocks Tutorial 06 - Astroboy

Astroboy is one of my favourite anime character. When I came across a Loz nanoblocks version of it, I didn't hesitate to get it. It is a 530 pieces set which comprises an additional moon and it seems that Astroboy is standing in the middle of the sea.

Let the unboxing begins...

This is a big packet of nanoblocks of about 530 pcs.

Even the instruction paper is large.

There are some weird blocks which is absent from regular series.

 Step one begins...

It is evident by now that those are Astro's eyes. Loz blocks gave very little gaps in between the layers. However, I need to push a little harder to join the pieces. In this aspect, it pales in comparison to Boyu's.

Now, I get to the top of his head which is more complicated due to the unusual pieces. But such pieces provide more details to the build. In this case, it gives a tapered-look to the head. Difficulty level is 5/5.

Can you see the eye-brows? I appreciate the details formed by nanoblocks.

 Next step to build is the body...

 At this point, I have completed Astroboy. But there is more...

 This is the moon that is accompanying him...

 The base which is the sea is pretty straight-forward.

 Completed the base...
I have completed the whole set with a lot of spares left. I actually took 4 days to build as I'm working during the daytime. There were some hiccups along the way particularly on the head because of some of the unusual blocks. That slowed me down a little. Also I'm short of a few white blocks. But it was quickly rectified since I have a lot of spares. Finally when it is completed, the quality of Loz's blocks in terms of unique shapes and colours made Astroboy looks stunning!

See you in my next Nanoblocks Tutorial.

Written by Max

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