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Finding balance is hard...

Let’s see here. 
Woke up at 2pm after a late night brawl on Overwatch. A few more days till Singapore’s National Day and the release for No Man’s Sky. Can’t wait for that though I probably won’t be able to play as much. Nothing new today as I inch closer to confinement. I should really start reading all the backed up chapters that I’ve bookmarked. Yes, today will be the day that I will marathon through everything. Do not be distracted. Clear unnecessary thoughts and focus on the task at hand. Where have I heard that before? 
Anyway, a hot shower and a heavy breakfast to start the day.
Oops. Almost forgot to turn on my phone. Oh, a whatsapp message. Pokemon Go is finally out in Singapore… What!? It is!?
Well, what to do. Bought data for a few days since my day of solitude is arriving and decide to let loose. 

Search around the neighborhood, visit a few parks, went back to school, travel to the other end of Singapore and came back home late at night or even morning to the face of an unhappy mother. Haha. Well, she did say to get out of the house and exercise rather than playing Overwatch and sitting on the couch all day. Surprisingly, my dad is okay with it, though he warns me to watch out for traffic. For the last few days I wake up at noon, have a slightly heavy breakfast before going out to catch those Pokemon with my friends, or what a friend of mine would like to call “squad”. I have to admit it is good exercise. I find myself walking at least 10km each day and won’t feel the strain until I put down the phone or when I need to charge it. Walking to find Pokemon and to hatch eggs really is a good motivation. People actually go out and exercise. More people are visiting parks now. More people are talking to strangers they met there talking about this passion they have. Isn’t it just wonderful? Or maybe they could talk about the spoofers who had to conquer every gym in the area with either a 2000+ CP Dragonite or Gyarados in the first day. Haiz…

And now fast forward a few days and here I am, a day before my enlistment feeling both proud of my accomplishment and disappointed of my actions and procrastination. 
Sure I am now level 21 in 4 days. 
Sure I have a few Pokemons in the thousands. Sure I beat a few gyms with 2000+ CP Dragonites. Sure I went to catch Pokemon and go to Pokestops from Geylang to Bedok to Woodlands then back to Bedok from morning till late afternoon and then continue on from evening at Tampines till midnight. Sure I went to Orchard the next evening then to Bukit Panjang till 3 am before going back home. Overwatch, sorry I have no time for that at the moment. 
There’s a Pikachu nearby so excuse me. Wait what? No Man’s Sky is out? Ah, I need to power level so I have to walk around to catch more Ratatas and Pidgeys. I’ll buy it another time. Oh, a Caterpie. More to level up. Ah, ran out of Pokeballs. I guess to the park I go. Wait, the reservoir has more Pokespots, so I’ll go there instead. (Here's the Pokemon I have so far with a few extra to power level with)

And what has it left me with…? Less than a day to watch a week of anime, read a volume of a novel, listen to the new openings and endings and to write this post before going for enlistment.

Bring it on!

Written by Zwei

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