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Karada Sagashi

It was midnight. A panicking voice woke me from my unsatisfactory sleep. I recognised my classmate's fearful expression as I opened my eyes. I became wide awake the moment I discovered that in fact a bunch of us was mysteriously stranded outside the school building. Yeah, none of us could make our way out of the gates, as if there were invisible walls around. Even the more composed of the group were displaying signs of vulnerability. Who wouldn't, considering the unbelievable situation which we had been caught in. Yet I couldn't figure out the reason for it. My mind refused to provide anything. That classmate who had called me earlier was on the verge of losing it. Suddenly, the front door of the school building opened on its own.

The school was indeed ours, yet the atmosphere reflected that of an abandoned one. The air was unbearably stiff, filled with the sickly familiarity of blood and such. A distant but still piercing sound echoed down the hallway. I could sense a curdling thrill throughout my strained body. What happened next was the beginning of a full-blown nightmare. The speakers blared the appearance of the girl in red. A few of the other classmates shouted vulgarities, demanding that the prank to be stopped. However, the sound of footsteps rang through our ears. It was at that moment when we saw our untimely fight for survival. But having just that wasn't enough. All of us had to die multiple times, just like what gamers would go through during their adventures. Well, this particular game didn't sit well with us.

The girl in red reminded us of the classic horror movie with scary children. Nothing was spared from this torturing experience repeatedly playing out in our lives. We didn't think of the girl in red as an actual presence. Wasn't she supposed to be an urban legend? People in school loved to joke around with scary stories from time to time. Long hair, creepy eyes, anything which resembled those characters in the stories. However, a classmate called Haruka would later send us down into the loop. Look for my body, she said. There was no way to escape from this terrible nightmare. Day after day. The same old request. The same old consequences. Ironically, no other occasion in our lives had made a more memorable anniversary.

Naturally, things had changed drastically since that first encounter. The roller-coaster ride that kept us right on our feet and minds. The supernatural abilities of the girl in red which would prematurely end our efforts and send us back to the starting point. Over time, as we grudgingly became accustomed to our plight, we developed a set of strategies, shared findings and such, hoping to avoid more blunders and as much as possible the girl in red. Yeah, there was an actual body to be found, though the connection between Haruka and the girl in red was strange to us. There were also jaw-dropping revelations along the way that challenged the boundaries of our sanity.

Nobody could predict much what would fall upon us, since a part of us had long been numb to this harrowing experience. If only Haruka hadn't been there. If only.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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